WoW Classic Guides

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  • Getting Started
    Class, race, profession and general information for the new player.
  • Class Guides
    Tanking, healing and DPS PvE and PvP guides for each class.
  • Leveling Guides
    Levelling walkthroughs by faction or class, general tips & tricks.
  • Profession Guides
    Crafting, gathering, trading and auction house techniques.
  • PvP Guides
    Twink specs, battlegrounds strategy, PvP/duelling specs and more.
  • Dungeon Guides
    Dungeon maps, strategy, tactics and secrets revealed.
  • Raid Guides
    Raid role overviews, raid composition, boss mechanics and more.

WoW Classic Guides

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  • PvE Guides
    Levelling, dungeon, raiding and reputation guides.
  • Caperfin's Guide to Shaman Tanking

    Can Shamans tank in Vanilla? The short and to the point answer is, yes. You might be rubbing your eyes right now in disbelief of this answer. Perhaps concocting up an entire four page manifesto around how only warriors can and should tank.

    Bloodsail Buccaneers Reputation

    So, a scallywag like you wants to join the Bloodsail Buccaneers? Take care, laddie, this is no ordinary reputation grind. The Bloodsails have a blood feud against the Steamwheedle Cartel - patrons of the major neutral cities around the world. If you wish to sail with us, ye'll have to cut ties with them. Being willing to take that plunge separates the Bloodsails from the bilge rats.

    Smite Priest - Holy DPS

    It will come as a shock to many players but a priest affiliating with the Discipline and Holy specialisation will be the avenue that yields the best results for a damage dealing priest. But there are standards and guidelines to follow that this guide will try its best to illustrate to help you on your journey.

    Fire Resistance Gear Guide

    This is a Fire Resistance Gear Guide for World of Warcraft Classic players. I have done my best to compile and package information from various guides into an easy-to-read, singular one-stop-shop guide for any of your Classic Fire Resistance needs. My goal is for you to not have to need much information outside of what's in this guide to find what you need for FR in Classic.

    Picking a Class

    Having trouble picking your class? Fret not! Gallow has got you covered. Below is a simple, text based guide to help you pick your first character for World of Warcraft Classic.

    Elemental Shaman DPS

    In the past, when the topic of shamans are brought up in PvE the default immediate thought is to talked about a healing shaman. And the legitimacy of a shaman dealing a significant amount of damage in PvE as a caster was disregarded.

    Ahead of the pack • lessons learned from speedrunning

    A few months ago Jpy started a speedrunning competition on the forum for a laugh whilst we waited for Classic. Since then the leaderboards have grown significantly with a total of 80+ submissions at the time of writing.

    Seebus' Guide to Holiness

    In my preparation for classic I went through a lot of guides/videos/articles and started gathering all the information I needed in a document which became this guide.

    Dungeon Grouping and Strategy

    Group composition is a topic that is prone to heavy polarisation. Not because people don't accept the Tank / Healer / DPS groundwork, but because people can have a very different opinion about which class or specialisation can do which roles.

    Obtaining Dungeon Tier Set 2 (T0.5)

    This is a guide to obtaining the 'T0.5 set', 'Dungeon Set 2', or officially, 'High Level Armor' upgrades in WoW Classic. These tier set revamps were originally introduced in patch 1.10 as a means of providing non-raiders with a challenging end-game goal.

    Mage Leveling: Early Gold Grinding & AoE

    There are quite a few variations of "grinding" but essentially they all share the same idea: killing mobs that aren't necessarily tied to a quest in a fairly densely populated spot for either experience, gold, or both.

    The Melee Hunter

    Traditionally, hunters were designed and relegated to be played as a ranged class and the legitimacy of a hunter in the melee role was never considered.

    Orc Warlock • Min-maxing to 60 and beyond (version 1.1)

    This classic wow warlock guide is an amalgamation of resources to help those specifically with little time to play, and those who want to be efficient on their way to 60, all while prepping for end-game content.

    List of All Dungeon Quests

    Converting the Vanilla Dungeon Quest spreadsheet into tooltipped visual format.

    Wintersaber Trainers Exalted Reputation

    This is a guide to efficiently reaching exalted reputation with the Wintersaber Trainers, an Alliance-only faction found in Winterspring.

  • PvP Guides
    Twinking, class-specific and battleground guides.
  • Electrify Your Victims! - Elemental Shaman PvP

    An elemental shaman in a player vs player environment or "PvP" has the opportunity to not only deal a monstrous amount of damage but also the capability of supporting other teammates. Their toolkit is perfectly designed to reflect the bursty damage which is present and sought after in PvP.

    Level 19 Rogue Twink Guide + BiS

    Rogues were a very popular choice of level 19 twink class back in the day, alongside priests and hunters. This is due in part to the diverse kit they possessed in this bracket - the ability move when invisible...

    Classic 19s For Dummies Guide

    This guide is intended to be for New Players to classic and a Refresher for old or returning players. Along with a little detail on some more advance stuff. This is not a Gear Guide, if you are looking for that then refer here: Jamesb 19 Gear Guide. Here I Will try to break down everything possible from Knowing each spell/ability in the 19 Bracket to even break down some theoretical situations you might find yourself getting into come Classic!

    Manual of War • World PvP Guide for Classic WoW

    My goal is to try and highlight some of the interesting details about organizing and leading WPvP raids in hopes of getting more people into structured World-PvP and push the boundaries into something the game never intended for us to take so seriously.

    Avoiding & Escaping Ganks whilst Levelling

    This is a guide to reducing the risk of ganks whilst levelling in WoW Classic. It assumes you have definitely decided that you want to play on a PvP realm in the first place, and discusses how class abilities, racials, quest rewards, items and general knowledge will all contribute to your chances of escape that could well save you a corpse camp or two.

  • Trading Guides
    Crafting, gathering, professions and auction house guides.
  • Hidden & Special Vendors of Azeroth

    Under @Torstein input and @teebling suggestion, this guide wants to be a point where to collect useful informations about special/hidden vendors in Azeroth! If we gather enough contributions we may decide to transform it in a full fledged guide!

    Centurion's Simple Gold & Trading Guide

    The purpose of this guide is to help both new and old players think about how to make gold in Classic WoW. Gold is much more valuable in Classic, and earning it will be much more difficult than it is in the retail version. This general guide will cover making gold, saving it, and trading items.

    Master Blackmith • Specialising and Plan Finding

    In this guide fendor shares his knowledge on the elaborate and far-ranging nature of becoming a master blacksmith in Classic WoW. This guide assumes you already have the knowledge to reach a high skill level in Blacksmithing and are now interested in different specialisations such as weapon or armorsmithing, where to find special trainers, and how to hunt down unique and hard-to-find Plans to bolster your range of craftable goods.

  • Miscellaneous Guides
    Screenshots, lore, machinima, easter eggs and more.
  • Mk. Ultra Guild Management Sheet

    A key challenge for Classic raiding guilds is heavy administrative tasks, involved in managing one or more 40-man raid groups. Adding to this challenge, is the strategic overview needed to successfully ensure the fair and transparent distribution of loot in Loot Council based settings. To this end the Mk. Ultra spreadsheet seeks to provide a intuitive & comprehensive platform for this, easing the administrative burden on officers, while ultimately benefiting the guilds member base.

    A mini-guide to amazing Classic screenshots

    Now that the first day of the last game we will ever play approaches fast, I thought it would be a good time to have a little talk about how we will be documenting our journeys. After all, taking screenshots is still one of the most fun and efficient ways of keeping track of our progress in-game and showing off how cool our characters and mounts are.

    Dungeon Lore Compendium

    Greetings! I am Loremeister Minorou, and welcome to a series of dungeon lore bits designed for copy-pasting directly into party chat during a dungeon run. “What is the history of this place? Who is this boss? Why are we here?” These chunks of lore answer these types of questions, one 255-character paragraph at a time (to fit within the chat restrictions within WoW).

    Items with weird and wonderful effects

    First is a crystal with intriguing self-inflicting properties. Second is a more common off-hand item used within the PVP community. Third, a food item with a nasty bite to it! Fourth a flying dragon, sparking some fiery discussion in the theorycrafting community. Next, is a little rat with little secrets. Lastly, is a big orange demon and a once known legendary two handed sword.

    Glossary of common terms

    I asked on the forums here for some contributions and we ended up with a collection of explanations for common terms, acronyms and abbreviations expected to exist in Classic. We hope you find this useful :)

    Thimz's Creatives Toolbox

    So I've decided to put of some time to make this tutorials/guide on how to improve whatever content you folks might be creating. may it be graphicals assets on your Youtube videos or website from digging up hidden and unused stuff that on one has found out in the WoW commnity.