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Nymis wrote:
5 years ago
giving yourself at least 20-40 minutes a day is nice in terms of maintaining the flow of the character development
Yeah, but the problem is that some activities actually do take hours to complete. Think dungeons and long quest-lines that you'll feel really bad for dropping in the middle of the thing because you'll either have to start all over again with a different group.
Absolutely, I agree. You have weekends and extra opportunities for that. Or at least hopefully you do.

- anno 2005.
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   mrzywiec Pixstar Lne
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Definitely a way different situation for me than in 2004-2006. I was in college back then, and basically could play forever. Now, I've got two kids and a wife and a 8-5 - but since I currently play wow and raid two nights a week, I'll probably just "switch" full time to classic on raid nights and probably play 1-2 hours a night otherwise. It probably won't be a set schedule outside of the two raid nights, but just a fluid "play when I can and just enjoy it" type thing.

Tirisfal Glades
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I'm for better or worse retired now, so I will be running my guild as a full time job with my only other obligation and passion being my family.

For me the bare minimum is not worth the effort. I cannot play wow half hardheartedly; it's either all or nothing. I've tried casually playing and I can't even make it past level 20 without hating the game.

I honestly don't think that most people who only have a short amount of time each week will ever experience why vanilla wow has practically been a way of life for so many people, and it's a shame (although almost certainly healthier) that they won't get that great experience.

But I do know people that love vanilla wow and never participate in raiding dungeons or any of the things that require significant amounts of time.

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I would very much like to make the High Warlord push, but I won't be able to make that grind until the summer of 2020 probably. All the BG's should be out by then and being an educator, I'll have a lot of time on my hands come summer. :)

Rogue Assassination
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I work a 9 - 5, but have literally 0 other commitments outside of work. As a kid with WoW I was only able to play for about 4 hours after school before having to do homework and the like. Lucky to have more than 5 hours in a night to play games.

Now though I can play from when I get home to whenever I decide to sleep. So on average I probably have about 6 or 7 hours, then however much I want on weekends. I should be able to go pretty hard at it, hoping to at least maintain above average gear levels. I don't need to be on the forefront of gear and progression but being able to pick on people with a gear advantage is always fun! :)

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I work from home but I love my job so I will probably not get "vacation" for Classic release. Well, maybe one day for the release day excitement. :)

Also I like to play effectively and would like to get to 60 within six weeks. I can do 5 days played to cap. And will probably play like 2-3 hours a day.

For me it's just a game. Yes, it is game I love and will play for long time. But still the game and real life is far more important to me. I do not plan to raid much. Maybe just when the guild would need to help out but I do not like to spend hours on farming to raids. Thats why I like TBC more. I would like to raid effectively without spending too much hours before that.

Vanilla will be more chill to me. Chill, dungeons, pvp, world pvp and whatever guild needs. :)