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What site, thread, forum, social-media etc is 100 % trustworthly from Blizzard when it comes to news regarding classic?
I can't really find so much new information.

I've never visited Reddit for example and kinda follow Blizzard on facebook but haven't heard any news since Blizzcon, but maybe it's just the case.

Best regards.

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To the best of my knowledge, there has been no official info since Blizzcon. We just have to wait. :)

Every once in a while, Ysthewhatshisface writes something on the US forums, but as he/she says him/herself, he/she is very careful with writing anything very concrete that's not 100% certain, because it's not 100% certain.

The most official news place I believe should be That should be the direct source.

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I doubt we'll be hearing anything for several months at the very least. Probably in spring we'll hear something.

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Yes, in these moments you will hardly find 100% true and official information regarding classic, maybe the blue publications in Mmo-champion can be a source of your interest:

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I can only recommend other fansites, and it will probably have to be Classic WoW reddit, since they are really fast with linking any Classic news that will remain sitting on the frontpage for a long time.

I guess you have other websites like MMO-Champion and Blizzard's own forum as well to check.

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Generally, trust no one :-) They will let us know when anything new arise (and I really hope it will be the alpha/beta :D)

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Reddit, WoWHead, MMO-Champion, Classic Youtubers like (Alexensual, Tipsout, Esfand, etc.)

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Here's the resource i'm using besides reddit. A pinned thread from the blizzard classic discussion forum. ... ssic/25299

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