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4 years ago (Beta)
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I've never seen this. I'm loving how much of this community is digging up old pre-2006 content and sharing it. This is a great experience. Hopefully the Classic community isn't a cesspool like retail.

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painted on the wall
He didn't even bother with a canvas... just painted it right on the damn wall?

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Wow, what a treasure! Thanks for sharing!

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Stuff like this has always fascinated me. How different would people's experiences in the game be if only a couple things were different on this map in 1999.

In a similar way, you can read the 3 or 4 prototype scripts for Star Wars back from the early 70's and see how different things could have been. The reason you have the name Obi-wan is that there was originally a droid called OB-1. Just the in-the-moment decisions of original creators is fascinating in how much those decisions have or could have shaped what came after.

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