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quick thought about stranglethorn fishing extravaganza - when they introduced phasing/sharding to me it made winning this competition waaaay harder.

so many players every single time and felt like i never stood a chance beyond this point. i remember in the good old days that you could sometimes only be competing with maybe 4 other guys.

they said in classic panel that there would be no cross-realm grouping and i really hope this extends to STV fishing - that way people who have won will retire and allow others on the server a fighting chance..

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Hey black spid, they have said so far that cross realm grouping wont exist past the starting zones at launch.

That doesn’t mean however that it will be any easier to win... there will still be huge amounts of competiton

The only way I can see it working is to be the first to make it hi enough level to reach STV on ur server and then win the first event before anyone else gets a chance.

A guide on winning this would be nice btw teebling

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I think there’s already plenty of guides on this to be fair - unless the competition was amy different in classic - can anyone shed some light on this?