Arathi Basin
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EU Ten Storms
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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Where be all my PvP enthusiasts?

Post or link your PvP videos (No gank squads running around 5v1). I want to see 1v1s "fair" fights (as fair as it can be in WPvP, Lvl 60 vs 60, 1vX, gear does not count) Any class and spec goes!

I've yet to hit 60 on any of my characters due to being an altoholic, but once I do, I will continuously upload PvP videos. I'm not even good at PvP but I like it a lot, especially now that BGs are here this week.

Altaholic playing the following:
Ten Storms EU Alliance
Finnigan - Dwarf Hunter Lvl 30
Portalmaster - Gnome Mage Lvl 19
Shaelur - Dwarf Paladin Lvl 22
Shaelus - Night Elf Druid Lvl 50
Shaman Elemental
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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Still leveling but I can't wait xD

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