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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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I didnt see a maintained recruitment thread... sooo...

<Extreme> is conducting a targeted and focused recruitment phase to help finish out our 2nd Raid group.

We are looking for Resto shamans and Healing Priests primarily.

Exceptional DPS candidates can apply as well.

Raids are:

Tuesday & Sunday: raid forms at 630pm, pulls shortly after.

Wednesday & Monday: raid forms 530pm, pulls shortly after.

All times are in Server time. (PST)

<Extreme> is an original Vanilla Mal'Ganis Horde raiding guild that has come back as a core to enjoy the content of Classic WoW.

We utilize CEPGP and Big Wigs boss mods. These are the only 2 mods that are required. Without the CEPGP addon installed; you will not be eligible for loot.

General information:
Outside of raids, <Extreme> conducts organized "off-night" events (optional) to fill in gaps between raids. Our members also benefit from a tight knit group of players that run dungeons, PVP, alts, and just messing around on Blaumeux. Many of us have been playing together since November 2004, and we want to spread that environment to the entire guild.

What our leadership offers: focused rotational raiding to assist in guild wide growth. Great guild communication; you will know what is happening before it happens. Common sense loot distribution. (CEPGP) [We were 3rd horde Rag Hammer and had ZERO drama]
What WE need:
Warriors: 2-3 DPS or OTs (MTs are spoken for)
Rogues: 2
Mages: 2
Locks: 0
Hunters: 0
S-Priests: 1
Healing Priests: 2
Resto Shaman: 3
Resto Druid: 0
- PST on Discord for more info -
or in game: Dolamite
(Applicants will need to run numerous dungeons and events to get to know the guild before full "Raider" privelages will be granted.

Thank you for your time.

Council Chairman