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Unfortunately, I have to cancel my subscription because I can't support Blizzard after they banned a Hearthstone player and fired casters over support for Hong Kong's freedom:

Too bad, I was really loving classic, especially playing with some old friends again.

For those that decide to continue playing, I wish you the best.

I also hope this "classic craze" inspires some future games/mmo's and shows some of the roots that players miss from an older generation of games.

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Nice. If you decide to come back can you make a thread announcing your return? I think we all want to be kept in the loop on this one.

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g0bledyg00k wrote:
4 years ago
Never making a single investment again until I 100% know it pays off.
2000 IQ :wink:
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Ehhh this thread is too political for my liking and isn’t really related to Classic, got to lock.

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