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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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So now that we're around a month in, what has worked well for you guys in leveling up? For those of us that have made it a point to get to 60 faster than most...

What has failed you that you originally thought was going to be a great success?

Contrastingly, what's worked out amazing for you that you didn't consider before?

For me, I was doing great grinding packs of humanoids from 16/17ish until my 30's when I got delayed a bit due to some RL commitments.

This few days' lost time left me with a world where every pack of mobs worth farming is swamped with mages AoE pulling or people questing, non-grinding quest hubs were monopolized with tons of people, etc.

It really threw me off the rails and slowed me down to get thrown out of my routine like that. Since then I'll find small bursts of areas that are okay for a WHILE but the masses are making it hard.

I've recently discovered that if I can find the right area at the right time of day, grinding by myself solo, once again, has proven to be the most xp/hr.

Now hopefully I can grind smoothly until 51/52 where it seems there's always tons of groups looking to fill for BRD etc.

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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Melee cleave is insane if you have a premade group. A content creator name Hakurai does a great job of outlining what a melee cleave is. I hit 60 very quickly with my warrior. I was using team viewer to stay logged in while I slept so I cant tell what my exact played time was.

Leveling a hunter feels bad. While they are still fast levelers, many abilities work poorly.

As for addons. I like questie. A lot of my friends used a few quest guide routes, that you can get notes added to guide you through the quests? That seemed to be really helpful for some of the guys less familiar with vanilla.

Otherwise my advice would be choose a main and stick with it. If its an alt, level it on rest and only on rest. I dont push my alts until 40+

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4 years ago
Never making a single investment again until I 100% know it pays off.
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Run instances as often as possible, particularly if most of the mobs are yellow to you, and especially if you have a class that's slow at leveling like Warrior or Paladin. My XP per hour was much faster dungeon spamming than questing, especially since questing requires competing with other players for mobs and drops, or even your survival in the case of PvP servers.

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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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My main is at level 28, an affliction warlock <3 I also have a couple alts ranging from the 11-20, branched out across two servers. One server is an RP-PvP server, my first RP server ever. I haven't seen to much RP yet, but you can tell that the community is different and I like that so far.

The best part for me though, isn't my progress in levels (although I would love to have them all at 60, don't get me wrong). It's my progress in making gold, my favorite mini game within the game. I've made about 30-40g (liquid) across my characters. About half of this is through professions, the other through buying low and selling high.

The most profitable prefession combo for me early on was my level 12 hunter which has skinning/enchanting where I was doing the Rugged Leather Pants shuffle and selling lesser and greater magic wands (both on the AH as well as to vendors as prices dropped). After a while, I moved into Tailoring and Engineering on my main where I've been making nice gold off of Deadly Blunderbuss (Horde quest item) for nice profits and an assortment of tailoring patterns that sell. The biggest profits lately though have been on my Blacksmith (20 prot warrior, I know leveling prot omg). There is great demand for daggers because rogues love them so I can usually sell between 2-6 of each type every day for nice margins. As the economy smoothes out though, I've noticed there's a lot of money to be made in various tradegood markets with buying low (a lot of times via bids) and selling high.

So yeah, leveling is going well but I'm really enjoying making gold for the main portion of the game while leveling on fully rested chars and alternating between them.

Best of luck to you all :)

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