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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Hey guys, currently level 23 and thinking ahead to 30s when I will hopefully get my hands on https://classic.wowhead.com/item=6687/corpsemaker forst in RFK and then perhaps later https://classic.wowhead.com/item=6975/whirlwind-axe.

I’ve heard a lot of hype about WW axe and looked into the quest chain but it looks pretty hard with a level 40 elite at the end which I will need help from guildies for.

Question is - is it worth it or will sticking with CM be sufficient into my 40s? I’m not sure whether its worth it or not.

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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Corpsemaker is a solid weapon but WW axe is definitely the better weapon. It's not like your life will be miserable or leveling will be impossible without WW, but it is certainly the better choice of the two by far. I never played a warrior until wrath, so idk how hard that quest is, but I would hope your guild is willing to help you out.

Edit: As far as killing the elite, I would think you could find help pretty easily, I stop and help warriors kill him every time I pass those ruins on my way to SM or whatever.

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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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I just got corpsemaker at lvl 29, and my god that thing can crit! Suddenly doing around 350-400 crits whereas my previous weapon would do 200.

I think with WW axe my crits would be around 500.

That being said the quest is haaaard. I just did the Troll killing at stv and they are impossible to solo at 30. Had a 44 guildie help out and it still took 40 minutes.

The herbs were around 2-4 silver ea
Havent bought the elemental crests yet, as they used to be 25 silver a pop and now are double.

Thats 6g on low tide and 12g on peak. Thats ALL my money. Then again WW is a beast that lasts till 45-50 so I'd say its a good investment.

Killing the elementals yourself would be a nightmare as they are immune to bleed/hamstring effects and their hits go thru your armor (i think?). Plus they are lvls 37 - 39 ish...

For the final boss you need a lvl 60 helpin you, or a 4-5man of lvl 40s, including tank / healer. 5 30s would probably die

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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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With remotely bigger guild it shouldn't be an issue:
- If you are first in the guild do not attempt it before lvl 32, simply, you won't be able to do trolls
- Ask guildies to help, there are 3 different quests that can be done from same trolls so if they are 30+ too there will not be a problem
- Tusks drop faster if you have guildies that finished their Hunt for Yeniku quest but didn't turn in yet
- Yes, you cannot farm Crests early, buy them from AH, count in 6-12g range, but if you saw WW axe on AH for 9g you would probably buy it :D
- Buy burning ones (they should be cheapest cuz those elementals are most farmed), then scout AH for cheap others
- LVL 40 elite quest is hard on paper but in reality, you can summon lot of people to help you out, and also you are not only one doing it, back on private servers, but area was also filled with warriors doing quest helping each other.

And it is also nice guild building event

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