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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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I've been reading about WoW Classic and hope to join in when I have some time this weekend. Looking to make sure I get on a highly populated server, so that even if there is an initial loss of players I don't inadvertently end up on a dead realm (did that during vanilla, not looking to repeat THAT part of the experience!) It looks like for EST PvP Realms Herod is the best choice of server right now, but is there an equivalently populated PST PvP server (or if not then what is the best choice for PST PvP, or am I going to have a better experience playing on Herod and just living with the EST setting and ping?) Thanks!

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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Population tags in the servers has been fixed because it had been showing wrong since name reservations started. Now servers can fit a lot more players that when vanilla (up to 50k players I read?), playing in a low or medium server means there are 5-20k players or more, that's more population that any private server seen up to date, so I think no current server can fit in the definition of empty. Yesterday Herod had queues of 8 hours if you look for that experience...

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