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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Ok well that was a good first day of classic

I got up at 6 and was in queue until 7, logged onto my mage and powered through the early stuff to get 10s to buy a guild charter. When I got the silver I ran to Ironforge, bought my charter and made my way back down to Kharanos to get signature.

But on my way back up, halfway up the bridge, I was kicked from the server :(

I immediately tried to rejoin but I was put into queue at position 8768

So I went about my day, got lunch, walked my dog etc

That was 3 hours. Almost immediately as I sat back down and got ready to wait even more the character select screen showed up. I logged straight in and checked to see if I still had the signatures on the charter, 1 was missing. I ran into Ironforge and spammed everyone I saw with a signature, I eventually got my final signature and my guild Frost was made.

After making my guild I was busy inviting anyone who wanted to join, then I decided to run to Darnassus to level in the Night Elf zones so I could get the rep to get Exalted and a tiger mount later on.
I ran into the mountains West of Ironforge and suicides when I got to a point and ressed at the spirit healer in Menethil harbour, I grabbed the flight point, missed the boat and had to wait for the next one, then got to Darkshore, did the same and arrived in Darnassus. I ran all the way to the Shadowglen from there.

I breezed through the starting quests because I was level 7 and 2 shot everything and was barely able to get the maximum rep rewards from the starting quests. And I hit level 10.

I hearthstoned back to the Dun Morogh and trained my new spells and finished my mage class quest in Ironforge and reset my hearthstone in the city. I trained my tailoring and enchanting while I was there and powered through to level 30 tailoring by making linen bolts, I made all of those bolts into brown linen robes, disenchanted those and got to level 11 enchanting. So I ran to the enchanting trainer, made my runed copper rod and my lesser magic wand.

After finishing everything up in Ironforge I took the flight path to Menethil harbour and made it back to where I was questing.

The quests were easy until I got to the Shaman Voodoo Trinket quest. That quest alone took me 30 mins of running around in the caves killing Shamans hoping to get the item. It got to the point where I said "Ok 2 more kills and then I'll go". And of course I got the drop right after.

After finishing that nightmare quest I wandered around Teldrassil finishing off the quests I had and while I was in Darnassus on my way to Darkshore I noticed in trade chat a guy selling 6 slot bags for 3s50c. I had the tailoring level to make it myself but didn't have the cloth so I bought the 3 I needed and added him to my guild :).

When I got to Darkshore and started the quests I got a bit overwhelmed after a few minutes and spent 40 mins fishing at the pier to take a break from speeding through everything.

After the little break I went on to finish the washed ashore quests and the quests in the 2 ruins. And after all this I had finally gotten to level 14, 60 tailoring and 75 enchanting, so I hearthstoned to Ironforge, went to the enchanting trainer and made my Greater Magic wand and trained my abilities. I went from 75s to 15s very fast because I hadn't trained since level 10.

Then I decided to call it a day and made my way back to Darkshore to logout so I'd be ready when I log back in, when the boat came into Darkshore I added the 50th member of my new guild and then I logged out.

So there you have it, that was my first day in Classic. To sum it up, I got to level 14, 60 tailoring, 75 enchanting, made my own Greater Magic Wand and made a new guild with 50 members.
This tool me just over 11 hours /played.

What was your first day like?

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