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Poll  •  What Classes had Viable Dungeon 1 sets?
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4 years ago (Beta)
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As the title says. What classes had viable dungeon 1 sets.
I`m a really casual player and will only be able to play for 2 hours a night, maybe a little more during the weekends.
I have played most (all) classes during tbc and enjoyed aspects of all of them. But liked hunter and Shaman the most.
I really like the feeling of getting an armor set but am realistic and know I will probably only join a couple of pug raids if at all.
And will mostly focus on dungeons. So the dungeons sets seem like a nice goal, but it would be nice if they are also quite decent for the class.
I want to play horde, so I havent put in Paladins as an option.
I like dps and healing, have 0 experience with tanking.

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Poor druids... :(

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It's a bit more difficult for some of us on here to recall b/c most private servers don't play with progressive itemization.

Dire Maul, for instance, adds a bunch of great pre-raid items, and later patches upgrade existing blue dungeon items to make them better.

Rogue is definitely good, the warrior set is fine, the mage/priest and maybe warlock sets are fine.

Though to be clear, if you are shooting to make these sets more optimized, you would mix mage/warlock sets, 4 pieces each, for 4-piece set bonus on each that gives bonus spell dmg.

But the sets for hybrid classes are hot trash.

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