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Does anyone have any guides or overview of the holiday events available in classic?

I know the events that were introduced during vanilla:

Feast of Winter Veil - Added 1.2.0
Noblegarden - Added 1.3.0
Children's Week - Added 1.4.0
Harvest Festival - Presumed to be added 1.6.0
Hallow's End - Added 1.8.0
Lunar Festival - Presumed to be added 1.9.0
Love is in the Air - Added 1.9.3
Midsummer Fire Festival - Added 1.11.0

Though I dont know what they actually gave and the point of them were. I am wanting to know because I hope to collect as many recipes and patterns as I can. I dont expect anyone to know these things off the top of their head, but a website with guides to any of these festivals at the time of their release would be amazing.

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Sorry I don't but as long as there is no DarkMoon Fair I am a happy camper. I couldn't remember when that was added.

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