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Poll  •  Will you level professions as you level up?
Warrior Protection
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US Blaumeux
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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Couple good ways to do it, really.

If getting to 60 as fast as possible is your goal, then just doing them later is what you want to do. Because even leveling gathering as you go, to keep them up with you will slow you down a tad.

If you aren't in a great rush, but want to pull in some gold on the way? Leveling gathering as you go is the best bet. Then switch to long term plans for professions 50+ or 60, or whatnot.

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US Grobbulus
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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Nyxt wrote:
4 years ago
I am doing something a little wonky.
I selected tailoring and skinning.
Tailoring for bags and gear and skinning for income, extra income.
Friend of mine did this. Skinning helps tailoring because of income and the fact that bags also need leather!

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