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Can't wait for the slowed down relaxed play of Classic.

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Stfuppercut wrote:
4 years ago
slud wrote:
4 years ago
Totally agree. Hence why I said "But - don't forget to do what YOU want to do, and just ENJOY the game." :lol:
Sort of a catch-all, nothing statement then? This voices your irritation with min/maxing classes but then cushions criticism by toting a cliche line like: "do what you want to do"... Its probably a safe bet that people will end up doing what they want to do because people can make choices.

Check this out:

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to see the potential cuteness of your aesthetic character based on class/race combo by researching the best screenshots and reading up on cool lore so that you can maximize your silly goofy cuteness ingame and be the envy of all your guildies. But - don't forget to do what YOU want to do, and just ENJOY the game (which has performance benchmarks to achieve certain goals and accomplishments).

Sorry, just think we all need a reminder of this from time to time - even me.

Kind of a loaded statement huh? Sort of drives a specific message without having the nuts to stamp your name on it. These sort of posts are getting more and more common here. Unfortunate really. We all have fun in our own way, which can be seen by scrolling through the VERY diverse section of forum posts each and every day. If you dont like min/maxing or it makes you feel upset, just say so.
Dude you really overextending with that, you are super dedicated player, no doubts. Thumb up.

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