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4 years ago (Beta)
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Hi guys. I created a wow classic leveling guide at that I plan to continue updating, and could use some feedback. Since addons will always beat written guides, I figured it was no point in going into too much detail on the questing part. But I will be updating the grinding sections and all the other general information and adding more to it.
Let me know what you think

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4 years ago (Beta)
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Great guide Mith. I do have a question though, how did you get the figure that "Casual players can expect to spend as much as 30 days of in-game to get to level 60"? While I agree that leveling times were long in vanilla, I don't think that will be representative of Classic. We are seeing private server averages of closer to 10-11 days played. Bearing in mind that players who are searching for guides or that intend to use questing addons will be on the faster side of that average. Perhaps this is what you're saying and I just misunderstood, but 30 days seems egregious and without some sort of stat, I cant see that ever being commonplace except for VERY extreme outliers.

This statement "Doing dungeons is also pretty slow as far as leveling goes and each dungeon should only be done once to get the quests done." is largely untrue. Infact dungeon grinding is SO incredibly good, many players are anticipating to see the world record time for Classic to be set in a dungeon. While I cant say that I necessarily agree with that level of potential, dungeon grinding is the easiest way for a new player to see massive gains in their leveling time. Taking a casual user from 10-12 days played down to 6 days played by optimizing their route would take a TON of effort. Putting that player in a cleave group will allow him to immediately cut his leveling time in half. That simple. This isnt to say that dungeon grinding will appeal to the majority as it presents a whole host of new challenges (namely finding a dedicated team) but to say that dungeon grinding is only good for quest runs, is wildly inaccurate based on what we have seen in Classic thus far.

"You get rest XP by being at an inn or a capital city so always remember to log out here to get rest XP." This is incorrect as well. My issue here is that you say "always remember to log out here to get rest xp". I forget where I seen the calculation on XP gained, but you will only want to go to an inn if you are logging out for a specific period of time. Often, especially before you get a mount, it is NOT worthwhile to leave your desired quest hub to go to an inn unless this hub HAS an inn available. Also, many times players will find themselves in a VERY isolated area that may not even have a quest hub. In whichever case you find yourself logging out, you should be considering the travel time to get to the inn and back to your desired location to determine if logging out in an inn that you have to go out of your way to attend, is worthwhile. Sometimes taking the loss of the rest and just staying in your desired location will yield FAR more efficiency depending on the amount of time you intend to be offline.

While this statement is true: "In classic WoW there isn’t enough quests to take you all the way to 60 just from the quests so you will have to grind as well. The best way is just to always be grinding mobs when moving around the world", I would argue that not all mobs are created equally and that depending on the class and their strengths and weaknesses you should either heavily invest in grinding certain mobs or be completely avoiding others. I guess my critique here is that you just stated a fact without providing any guidance. This is a guide after all, not a collection of facts or your own perception of vanilla.

In your "Heartstone" section you mispell Hearthstone. Several times.

The guide is an okay glance at what leveling in Classic looks like but it lacks detail and valuable information. It seems like someone took other guides and just copy pasted some info without really adding to the conversation. It also just lacks guidance... Its just sort of an overview of Vanilla. This guide is sort of how I imagine a really casual vanilla player would explain Classic to his friend that hadn't played. I would have less issues if the title was "A Snapshot of Vanilla Leveling". Because thats what this is. This is a brief synopsis of leveling in Classic. I wont say that its bad, but it does need a ton of work. Hopefully this critique is valuable. Best of luck with your guide, I appreciate the effort you have put in thus far and hope that you find my criticism constructive.

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4 years ago (Beta)
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1-60 leveling basics/overview guide

Pretty decent if titled as above. You plug Joanna for people that want more in depth.

Grinding/Questing information is useful, try include alternative areas such as Westfall and Silverpine Forest.

Possibly add vendor bag info.


Vendor Weapons and Weapon Skill Trainers.

Maybe inform players that class quests exist and to plan which ones they will do while they level.

Good job so far.

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