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4 years ago (Beta)
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Interesting, though, I don't see them doing a hard reset, EVER. The closest thing we'd have, is something to the effect of how OSRS did it. Where they expand, basically from classic and on, in a new way.

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4 years ago (Beta)
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I think it's just fun to think about and fantasize about for the future way down the road. That's about it. There's too much to do and experience and too much to be learned from this ClassicWoW endeavor to ever accurately predict what can/should happen when most people are at 'end game'.

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4 years ago (Beta)
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teebling wrote:
4 years ago

Lastly, I sincerely believe that 95% of Classic+ believers do not fully realise how difficult most of the content was to complete. Sure a lot cleared mc and Ony, but beyond that guilds began to fall down quickly. BWL was a guild killer because of the mechanical complexity of Razorgore and the individual skill required to down Vael (with a bitof luck thrown in). This stopped most in their tracks long before BC even came out - and many didn’t even see the end of BWL or AQ at all. What makes people think that herding together 40 nerds and achieving these things is any easier today than it was back then? It’s not fucking easy and most won’t make it. Therefore anyone who advocates for an extension of Classic in the belief that all will have Naxx on farm within a year needs a good fucking reality check. Rank 14? Good luck.
Yoooooo, thank you for this. My best friend keeps saying shit like it's easy now and all the old raids will be on farm quickly. I'm like dude, you never did it then. It'll be a little easier because of all the learning resources, but it's still going to be something that <10% of players experience.

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4 years ago (Beta)
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I don't think it hurts at all to fantasise about this. Teeb is right, vanilla is tried and tested, people love it, we love it, that's why we have been playing it since it came out 15 years ago.

But wouldn't you enjoy the prospect of classic+ where an alternative timeline took place and removed all the horse shite? No flying, lfr (this list could go on for a very long time).

The same atmosphere and values that made vanilla so good, continued on into draenor or the emerald dream or what ever else.

Easier said than done though, but I like to dream.

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4 years ago (Beta)
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I think it could be done in a way that relates back to Chromie turning back the clock to 1.12 - then after 2-3 years the timeline shifts because of something Chromie/another time traveler does - which completely alters the future path of WoW. Everything is the same but different, no flying, no LFG/LFR teleporting madness, no homogenization of classes, no redundant zones/continents and no handing out purples to everyone.

It is fun to think about, and I think even Mark Kearn (spelling?) original WoW dev spoke about something similar. Grabbing those original WoW design pillars and moving the game forward using those principles.

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