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4 years ago (Beta)
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Lately I've been thinking about changing it up a bit. Pretty much all of my experience is on casters, but I've recently started raiding MC on a warrior and it's actually really fun. So, I've been looking into leveling again and just checking in on some items.

I know there's a slight difference in level, but getting your ww axe at 30 is no easy task

unless you're a streamer xD

Whirlwind Axe:

Which do you prefer? I'm sure there's some nerdy math that could go into the weapon speeds and how that affects fire weapons/crusader and crits, but the damage and stats on bonebiter are pretty solid.

What do you think? Is bonebiter a straight upgrade? Is it even worth getting the ww axe on alliance?

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4 years ago (Beta)
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Technically you can get the WW axe sooner? I think the slower weapon speed and the extra stam makes WW a bit better for grinding while hamstring kiting / low level PvP, but overall the difference is pretty negligible. I'm not a warrior main tho.

You can even put Ravager in the same category, and honestly sometimes its really quick to grab...

Guess it depends on your goals? Speed leveling it would be best to avoid all of them, buy upgrades as you go. PvP realm you may have more trouble getting WW as its mostly open world focused. Just sorta depends.

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4 years ago
Never making a single investment again until I 100% know it pays off.
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4 years ago (Beta)
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Is bonebiter a straight upgrade?
Yeah, pretty much.
Is it even worth getting the ww axe on alliance?
In most cases, yes. Realistically you wont be able to get Bonebiter before level 37/38. So even if you dont rush to get WW axe immediately but complete the quest around level 32/33, thats still a solid 5+ levels you will use it. And it will be a huge upgrade for those levels.

I guess most people dont really care about Bonebiter due to it being such a small upgrade over WW axe. And everyone wants WW.

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