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4 years ago (Beta)
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IronBrutzler wrote:
4 years ago
pfff why play the 4767 Warrior on your Realm when you be the one of the elite 10 Ret Palas ;)
This comment—while sarcastic, also holds truth to it.

It's an obvious truth that many people already know. Warriors are immensely popular, for all the right reasons. It shines in every mode, and is needed everywhere. It will cause a whole lot of players to roll a Warrior, or at least have one.

I do think Retribution Paladins will have a huge burst of popularity in Classic compared to Vanilla, both because of popular streamers as well as current iterations of World of Warcraft has a whole lot of homogenization in specializations, but also the fact that Retribution is not bad in PvP, they are actually pretty good, despite what people are trying to say. PvE is another discussion. While not amazing, they can pull a certain weight.

Luckily, the more Warriors we get, the more we need other classes to be compatible with them. Warriors are extremely strong, and rightfully so, from RPG standpoint and I think that is fine, but they will need help in terms of buffs and healing.

On Horde side, a Warrior together with a Shaman can cause natural disasters with the help of Windfury Totem.

On Alliance side, a Warrior together with a Paladin can create an immovable—as well as an unstoppable force with all the supporting buffs.

But all in all, it will be difficult to make a name for yourself, because there's 4766 other Warriors that could stand out far more than you. You will not be unique in any way.

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4 years ago (Beta)
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Interesting read about arms/2h fury/dw fury leveling(from patch 2.3) - not sure how accurate it is for Classic. I did DW up to 58 on Felmyst, and I loved the amount of rage I had.

One note from the level 21-22 sample , "Notable that in the last example Louie (DW Fury) was #2 in dps, following Huey (2H Arms) by a very close margin (39.8 dps vs 38.9). Louie's smoother rage generation is attributable to the synergy which Unbridled wrath (UW) has with fast dual-wielded weapons. Even when swinging heroic with his main hand, Louie's off-hand weapon can still hit during or immediately following the main hand swing period and produce rage; an advantage over both of the 2H warriors who can produce no rage (Arms) or only +1 rage (2H Fury UW) during a heroic swing."

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4 years ago (Beta)
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I posted my leveling plan on my blog, it's pretty extreme.

https://playvanilla.blogspot.com/2019/0 ... -plan.html

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