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Sorry, I really looked for this information but found conflicting posts. I haven't played properly since Cata, so I just want to make sure.

  • Classic subscription will be included in the current Live Subscription. So you pay $15 (right?) and get access to both Classic and Live servers.
  • I heard that WoW base game does not exist anymore, and you just need to buy the latest expansion pack.
  • How does this work for Classic? Will I need to buy BFA in order to play on Classic? Or can I simply continue paying $15/month and play Classic?
  • Also, I used to have an account for EU. Now that I live in Japan, I think I will play on OC servers. OC servers are considered US servers, correct? Can I add a US subscription to my existing EU account?

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You just need a Sub and can play Classic and WoW including Legion.

So if someone want to play Classic and do not have a account he just have to make one and pay 15$ or 13€ for a sub and is ready to go.

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hmm, I mean most of us already bought classic already so we should just have an sub.

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Classic is its own so it's most likely free, provided by the subscription

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