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Sorry about the spam recently, was trying something new security-wise but obviously it hasn't been working vs the spam bots.

Spam bots are a given on any online forum and they're always trying to get in, always. It's a constant battle that admins have to fight against. Re-captcha was broken years ago, even as they improve it and update it they always beat it eventually. An ongoing battle.

So on top of re-captcha I had an auto-IP blocker that would block 'registered spam IPs' - the problem with this being that there aren't enough IPv4 addresses anymore so people eventually end up on one of those IPs and can't post, even if they've been a member here for a year. So that's out of the window now too.

I've changed the anti-spam measures to a simple question and answer for the moment - and will be trialling that for guest posters/registrations for a bit. If it doesn't change I'll suspend guest posting until I can find another solution.

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