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I mained a Druid back in Vanilla and did fairly well in raids, though I've been seeing that they're not really all that great compared to Priest and Paladin. Paladin is kind of out of the question for this post as I'll be playing Horde, but I have been considering playing a Shaman for the first time come launch. However, a lot of what i'm seeing on various forums is that Shaman end game is just Windfury Totem and Chain Heal.

Is there any truth to this? I'd love to get some insight as I really never played the class til much later in retail.


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Priest was certainly the most versatile healer, but Shaman being 'just chain heal and windfury totem' is really more to say that chain heal was really really good, and wf totem was really strong. Your other heals could be downranked if you wanted to spam more, but more than the other healers a shaman had a lot of different dynamic buffs for different situations and classes through a multitude of totems and an interrupt. It's not like pallies which just chained one healing spell endlessly without moving one step, putting up a set of buffs one player/class at a time every so many minutes. Shaman healing was honestly much more interesting. That's all subjective though.

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the one key thing to remember with healers is to downrank your spells and only use what you need.
and yeah Chain Heal is broken as all get out.