Arathi Basin
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4 years ago (Beta)
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Stfuppercut wrote:
4 years ago
aeh wrote:
4 years ago
Because there are still money machines, which despite years of private server experience are still not really known :p
On every server I played on that was progressive, this money machine worked :D
Uh huh. Having a crystal ball to see into the future is a money machine.
Lets have a talk about this in a year, you can remind me on this :p

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US Faerlina
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I can't PM you!

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Lovely thread with a lot of useful information - especially from Stfuppercut; thank you very much for your contribution.

I'm trying to make some plans for how I can prepare for each of the different phases, and I was wondering if there were anyone with more experience than me who could elaborate on potential money making strategies for the War Effort?

Like, are there any materials that it makes sense to stack up on while they are cheap (maybe 1-2 phases before the War Effort) either so that you can 1) sell them for a profit during the War Effort (for other people turning them in) or 2) turn them in at the War Effort Commanders for the War Effort Supplies? (the contents of the supplies would of course have to be - on average - worth more than what you paid for the supplies. But like I said, I don't have much experience with the War Effort).

Also in preparation for Naxxramas... I would assume that Frost Protection Potions will be wildly more used and thus expensive - so Elemental Water and Dreamfoil can be expected to spike in value come Naxx, I would assume (?) Are there other tips for this phase?

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