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4 years ago (Beta)
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Kazukii wrote:
4 years ago
Isn't this what ruined the game?
next you'll be asking for +10 keystone difficulty or whatever it is.

I wouldnt want this at all.

And getting stale? Why would Vanilla/Classic wow get stale...Vanilla wasnt designed to be done with the game in a month.
Vanilla isnt hard its time consuming and if your willing to play 24/7 and make it stale for you than Vanilla isnt for you.

I played like 14 hours a day, hell maybe more, idk I played alot back then!
And it never once got stale for me, I still needed gear, I still needed to clear raids, even when I didnt need anything in MC I still went (Yeah for dkp but..), it was fun and wanted to help my guild gear like they did for me. I had 2 alts, a rogue on the same server and a mage on another. There was always something to do even spending as much time as i did to the game!

EDIT: But i guess if Classic servers are out for over 20 years, I guess it would get stale with BiS but by the time this happened you most likely wont be playing this game...

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