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Hey guys!

We're happy to announce that Vanilla Friends has gone through a massive makeover. With the help of a professional database manager (massive thanks @ Roddeh!) it's no mere amateur project anymore. Load times have now been virtually eliminated, duplicates can not occur anymore, your personal information is better secured, and the whole site will be much more accessible on mobile phones. Please do spread the word of Vanilla Friends to your pals so we can continue to grow and realise more reunions. We currently have over 18.000 unique entries!

In case you'd like to share your success story, have a question for the mod team, or want to edit/delete your entry; please head over to our new Discord channel:

And of course a link to the new website:

See you there! -Sams, Roddeh & Halwin

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Well done Sams and the others! The new site definitely flows better on mobile. You guys rock!

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@teebling Thanks man! Inarva the OP is a great mod for us. Also, Roddeh one of our other mods is who revamped the site. Its a huge improvement and all the spotlight should go to him.

BTW, your posts lately have been amazing! Great content and information! Keep up the good work. I have added to my morning routine!

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As I already mentioned through other avenues, this is a great resource, and the redesign is excellent. Everyone should get on this!

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Very cool interface!

Ish-ne-alo por-ah (May the days ahead be guided by the elders of long ago)

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this is a great idea and hope enough people will see this

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