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I thought it would be fun to start a thread to catch and share interesting WoW related things from the official WoW site and forums we find on the way back machine from the classic era.

A banner on the WoW website close to blizzcon advertising the canceled "Star Craft: Ghost"

A celebratory post for reaching 1 million US players and 4 Million world wide

A six chapter telling of WoW history! This was very well done.

Its sad that the WoW website today is a bunch of advertisement and dull forums when back in the day it had a community highlight section showing fan art, cool screenshots and links to the best guides etc. Maybe thats something we could do to carry the torch as best WoW forum? :P User submitted community highlights.

Would love to see what other goodies people can find

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I hopped on it myself and There's a couple of Tauren in the Dwarf Racial pictures. Makes me wonder if Tauren were intended to be Alliance at come point.

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Oh yeah, this is a thread for me :smile: I'm quite often scanning the wayback machine for stuff. I literally have like a 1gb file full of stuff I have found there but sharing it here would be way too much work lol. Here's some snippets anyway.

I found the journey of Brann a couple of weeks ago, and here are some web graphics assets I managed to get too:

Really nice bordered images of cities and dungeons from the old 2005 game guide website:

A reaally old version of the WoW logo from the 2004 beta website, I don't know why but I love the colours:

Cool posed shots for the game guide again:

Renders of AQ gear and some other epics:

Random website stuff that might be nostalgic for some (battlegrounds release!):

And finally my favourite - original PNGs of the major patch release 'titles'. So cool! Will use these in the future for stuff.

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Very, very cool stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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Yeh, the major patch logos are very nostalgic!

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I really miss the old wow website, I feel like the overall aesthetic of the game has changed so much since then.

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I remember the hype after the patch trailers/announcements back in classic. Discussing it in school and being just as hyped when WoW released. VERY COOL.

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The nostalgia is real!!!!!

I will always remember Jumping on the website to check server status on maintenance day to see if you could get online yet :)