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By the of, I say !

We all appreciate them very much but this thread is actually about the who calls himself teebling. All who know me - know I'm not a dwarf of many nice words (especially for bloody gnomes, longshanks & treehuggers) but I'm gonna make an exception here and say a few of those: bloody good job with this forum Teebu (don't swing your blazin' longsword just yet, I ain't finished!), almost as if you were a dwarf and not some random !! Keep up the good work and don't mind my ... ee-chopper, I use it to peel apples !!!

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@Uncle Ganus McAnus stole the words right out of my mouth.

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I SAY, SIR. I may be no, nor a of the night as you say... But you have indeed warmed the of my heart with your kind

A I raise to you, dwarf!

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Teebles is the only one who is able to keep my fire warm at night.

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I'm new here and I already have mad appreciation for teebling.

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Occams wrote:
5 years ago
I'm new here and I already have mad appreciation for teebling.
Everyone has mad appreciation for teebling, he is our lord and savior.

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Word to the homies! Also, I see @Uncle Ganus McAnus created a "thread" and use the tailoring icon. I like your style...

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Hold this thread as I walk away
(As I walk away!)
Watch me unravel I'll soon be naked
Lying on the floor, lying on the floor, I've come undone

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I like how there are no unnecessary sections, sub-sections, groups whatever. Keeping it simple and concise is really refreshing.
So many forums, where you enter them, just bombard you with a web of different compartments. No idea where to post or what.

Also, liking the clean visual style. GJ Teebz

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