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Hey guys,

Not sure how many people here are used to posting on old school forums but there's usually a few unsaid conventions in place which people respect. Please take a moment to have a quick look through the main points :smile:

Look before you jump

Please use the filters or do a swift search before you post a new topic. This helps us keep much-repeated discussions and duplicate topics to a minimum. You might also want to check out our FAQ topic which is kept up to date and is mainly comprised of official Blizzard responses and sources.
Necroing is cool

We prefer necroing old topics to making new duplicate topics as mentioned above. If you're going to necro a really old topic there's no problem at all, just please have something relevant and interesting to say which actually justifies necroing it (not just to say 'yeah me too' or something of no consequence like that).
Personal feuds

If you have a personal problem with someone, take it to private messages. There's no need for topics to be derailed and get ugly over pettiness - it doesn't look good to new people joining. Feel free to disagree and discuss matters to do with the game, and even insult each other, that's why the forum is here - but keep any particularly nasty exchanges private. Thanks.
Don't carpet-bomb

If the right-side of the home page looks like this when you have finished posting, then you are doing a bad. This kind of carpet-bomb posting actually destroys the flow of discussion and disincentivises posting from other members who can't get a word in. People doing this will have their posts deleted and their levels set back.

The wall of shame! :mrgreen:

If you can follow these recommendations it really helps everyone with enjoying their experience here. We moderate on an ad-hoc basis and if you have an issue with any staff actions then take it to PMs and we'll be happy to explain. This topic is locked.


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