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EU Flamelash
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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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teebling wrote:
4 years ago
@Caperfin a good suggestion and one that has been made before. We trialled this with 'achievements' back in patch 1.2 or 1.3 but the overall feedback and experience with that was that people just ended up post whoring in order to get the badges. Since then I've come back to the Commendations system for contributions to the site - which reminds me I haven't given you one yet for all your guides and support here!!
NP :) you've been more than helpful and accommodating, that is reward enough for me.

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Hillsbrad Foothills
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US Sulfuras
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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Will you be adding the remaining realms in the drop down selection?

i'm on US Thunderfury. I don't see it as a selection.

Rogue Combat
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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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When I receive a private message in, I receive an e-mail from teebling, so I have a recommendation. Switch the updates mail or mails name to so that I receive an update from and not think that I have received an e-mail from teebling himself.

I fully understand that teebling is the administrator, but switching this up would not mess with my and probably others heads when they tune in the forum and the message is not from teebling. I usually don't open the message update mails and just check "mark as read" and go straight to the website where it's coming from.

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