Tirisfal Glades
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4 years ago (1.13.2)
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Guild Name: <Extreme>

Faction: HORDE

Region: North America

Realm: PVP Blaumeux

Guild Orientation: PvE/PvP/Social

Guild Focus: Semi-Hardcore

Method of Contact - Barrens.chat / discord: TheDolamite#7497 (in game: Dolamite)

Guild Discord: https://discord.gg/jrtfP7

Guild Schedule:
(all raids begin forming 30 minutes prior to first pull)
- PVE -
- MC is Tuesday and Sunday. First pull 7PM-10pm server time.
- Onyxia is the same time, but random days due to 5 day reset schedules. (Information passed on Discord)

- PVP -
- PVP events are currently sporadic. Plans for an actual organized premade are in the works. We are looking for a PVP coordinator/leader.

Guild Description:

<Extreme> was founded in very early 2005 on Mal'Ganis and had success in the PVE and PVP disciplines and has reformed with a large portion of the original core to enjoy Classic WOW.

We feel that Classic WOW should be enjoyed, not endured so we maintain a lighter than usual raid schedule while still achieving success. With that, if you are a drama queen; we will remove you upon identification of issues. We are an older group and we have no time for needless drama.

As of 13 October 2019; we are sub 50% on Ragnaros with a 30-35 member raid group with multiple kills on Onyxia as well.


As of 15 OCT 2019 we are in the market for:

1-2 Reatoration shaman
1-2 Frost Mages
1 Warlock
All eligible to earn a slot in the current raid group.
(Anticipating a 2nd group in the future)

*We are over strength on warriors/tanks*

1 PVP leader/coordinator for premade

Please PM: Dolamite, Chuckwow, Lavrute, Sylvaa, or Knerd in game for more information.
Or Dolamite at the provided Discord ID above.

Council Chairman
Warrior Protection
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US Kirtonos
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Guild Name <Vexation>
Faction -Horde-
Region - North America
Realm - PvP - Kromkush
Guild Orientation - PvE/PvP
Guild Focus - Semi-Hardcore/Hardcore
Method of Contact - BarrensChat - Pwntatoes /Discord - Zquils#4222 / Bnet - Cragnon#1810
Guild Schedule - I Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday I 7pm - 10pm EST I
Guild Description -

<Vexation> Final stage of recruiting.

We are a group of friends who raided together in vanilla that have returned to play on the Horde side on Kromcrush. We've been joined by a great group of similar minded people so far, and are looking to push to guild only raiding.

So far, we have added about 17 quality people. You may note that we do very little mass recruiting; nobody needs that drama (well we don't). We always prioritize bringing together good people, and currently have slots for most classes and roles (though we're especially interested in resto druids/shaman).

If you're looking for a good group of people to play with, advance through the game (any member can help you out), and have a good time, hit up any <Vexation> member to be put in contact with an officer. (Officers include: Matchaman, Mcduk, Chilled, Garami, Zimmie, Durabull, Kainstryke, and Daksak).

If you have a smaller guild of decent people/players that are looking to merge/progress; reach out and let's talk (there will be officer roles available to your leadership.)

Pwntatoes <Vexation> of Kromkush

"I heard if you cut off an extremity it'll regenerate a little bigger. Don't believe it."
Warlock Affliction
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Tortollan Shellraisers (Update)

The Tortollan Shellraisers are a social raiding guild who wants to kill bosses, and with failure or success will have fun doing it.

We are currently recruiting to take on Onyxia's Lair, Molten core and for the main boss of grinding for the pre raid best in slot.

When battlegrounds enter the world we will be participating in glorious battle! As for world PVP it is something we want to pursue and hopefully conquer Stormwind one day.

Even if you're new to Classic or World of Warcraft as a whole, you are welcome with us and we will help you to reach your goals.

We are looking for people who are motivated to play classic wow and keep pushing for those sweet boss kills. If you are friendly a massive nerd and can take some banta from time to time you will fit right in.

A bit about us: We all came from the retail version of the game and wanting to give Classic a try. After playing on various private servers we decided that this game is very much for us. Overall we are new to the Classic raiding scene ourselves and can't wait to clear it with you if you are experience or are very new like us.

We are located on Zandalar Tribe EU Horde.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up contact: Rizfkca

Tortolla preserve us!

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EU Razorgore
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The Banditos
PVP Razorgore
Ingame - Gadino Discord - Gadino#7542
Raid Days - Wednesday and Saturday 1900-2300 (Server Time)
We are a group of idiots who happen to be close friends and are looking to expand our ranks to allow us to complete end game content together. Currently open to all classes and experience levels - you will be guaranteed a raid spot!

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EU Shazzrah
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<Karma>[10/10MC 1/1Ony] - Alliance - Shazzrah is recruiting.

Experienced leadership and core from Northdale/Lightbringer/Nostalrius and old Vanilla.
We have, once again, created a great community that will last until the end of Vanilla and will enjoy all aspects of the game.

What you can expect from us:
Current clear times:
Raid 1: 38 minutes MC (Top 10 EU Alliance, Top 15 World)
Raid 2: 60 minutes MC ( 6th fastest alliance clear on the server, tied with R3 )
Raid 3: 60 minutes MC (tied with R2 for 6th fastest clear on the server)**
When it comes to raiding, the goal is to waste as little time as possible thanks to exceptional performance. We have lead many guilds before, and got them from server launch to clearing Naxxramas. The main raid team speedruns content. We also have a second raid team that clears content fast, where alts are welcome. Outside of raids you can expect World PVP groups/events and PVP premades lead by very experienced multiple rank 14 players.
Announcements and Raid Sign-ups are done via discord and assignments/loot are handled via spreadsheets.

Raid Times: Sunday/Monday 18:30-23:00 (ServerTime)
[ ATM: Raid 1 and Raid 3 = Sunday | Raid 2 = Monday ]
We have 2 raid days but note that most of the time, we will only be raiding **1 day per week** (Sunday). Even after AQ launch, we will be clearing AQ+BWL+MC on the same raid night.

Loot system: Loot Council

Recruiting: Holy paladins, Holy Priests *and any exceptional players.*
Social spots also available via application or someone vouching for you.
Raid spots are competitive, so any exceptional application will be considered, regardless of class.

If you wish to be part of a strong guild from the start until the end, contact Jidanul#1620 on discord - Jidanul#2315 on battlenet, or apply on our discord. Have a nice day!

Arathi Highlands
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Guild Name: Vile
Faction: Alliance
Region: North America
Realm: PvE - Old Blanchy
Guild Orientation: PvE, PvP, Social
Guild Focus: Casual
Method of Contact: Discord - https://discord.gg/zx5xxjY
Guild Schedule: None currently. (We're too early in the process and don't have enough people to make this decision yet.). However most of our members so far are PST (but if you are CST or EST please do apply!)

Guild Description:

Vile is a World of Warcraft guild that consists of a core group of members who have been playing together for 15 years all the way back to vanilla. In the old days we were a hardcore raiding guild but after TBC we became more casual after deciding that raiding wasn't our only motivation. We're here to enjoy the people we play with and build lasting social relationships first, potentially spanning across multiple games in the future, not just WoW.

We'd rather succeed as a team than individuals, so arguments about loot don't really belong here. In Vile, respect is paramount, both in-guild and how we treat others on the server. And whatever you enjoy doing in the game is your own business and we're here to support that, regardless of what mode of play that might be. Raiding, World PvP, 5-mans, Battlegrounds, etc. You're not required to enjoy the game in the same way that others in the guild do.

We're currently in the process of building up our roster in Classic WoW with the hope of growing back to the size we were in Vanilla and TBC. We don't currently raid (we don't have enough people yet) but if we are successful in recruiting enough players of the right composition we may start raiding again. But we're interested in community first above all else.

Interested in joining us? Find us in Discord: https://discord.gg/zx5xxjY

Burning Steppes
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EU Firemaw
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[Pugsome] (Firemaw) is hosting MC Pug-Raid on Friday 29/11 - 19:00. /Alliance side/

All classes welcome!

Join discord for more information :lol:

Have a nice week.