Warlock Demonology
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US Skeram
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Do we have any groupings of players in beta right now? Or have invites just been that few?

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Final Form | Horde | NA-PVP | Herod | Wed/Thur 6-10 PM CST Progression

Social: Friends/Family of members

My Core Vision
A. Freedom of Speech
B. Never restricted from having fun or being silenced
C. Approachable GM
D. Give everyone's voice a spotlight
E. Progression/BG Standards

Raiding (Loot)
Pure LC/Loot List System, hardest working players geared first
- Used to efficiently give BiS to the raid team, ensuring our best players have the best gear
- Loot Priority: Tank, Holy Priest, Deep Frost Mage, Main Spec, Priority Off Spec (Understudies), Off Spec
- Transparent, PM on discord for a detailed explanation

Loot List (Efficient Loot Cycling unlike DKP)
- Used to efficiently give Non-BiS (Upgrades Only)/PvP BiS to the raid team

BG Team
QT: Every Day, 2 hours minimum

Offday (Optional) RT: Sat/Sun 6-10 PM CST (Members/Alts)

1/1 Prot
3/9 Fury

1/6 Combat

1/1 Deep
2/7 Frost

1/1 Shadow
0/1 Holy
3/3 Disc

0/1 SM
2/3 DS

0/2 Marks

1/2 Resto

1/1 enhanced
2/3 Resto

Multi-Guild Community
The Horde Alliance, a collection of multiple guilds that raid on different times, fostering increased guild activity and decreased down time. Every day a raid is happening, every guild actively PVP's, and every player has a larger community to interact with. Below are our raid times independently. If you are interested in being apart of a greater community that fosters guild activity, we've got you covered.

HIVE: Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30-1:00 AM CST

Final Form: Wednesday and Thursday 6-10 PM CST

BYOB: Friday and Saturday 9-12 PM EST

(Casual Guild Slot) Bourbon Raiders: Friday and Saturday 9-12 PM EST

Add me on discord for Recruitment or questions: Caliber#8703

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<Chocolate Milk>

Chocolate Milk is an EU-based Horde PvP raiding guild eagerly awaiting Classic WoW launch. We were established in 2015 on the private server Nostalrius and are comprised of friends new and old with the desire to be competitive in a semi-hardcore fashion and with a positive atmosphere.
On Nostalrius PvE and the subsequent servers after its takedown we were the top Horde guild, claiming all the server firsts Horde side and dominating world bosses for the longest time. We realize a private server is not neccesarily representative of how Classic will be but we aspire to be the same kind of guild we were if not better.

:small_blue_diamond: Raiding endgame content at a competitive level
:small_blue_diamond: Enjoyable raid nights that we look forward to
:small_blue_diamond: Creating and maintaining a stable and friendly community

:small_blue_diamond: Friendly, constructive and non-toxic behavior
:small_blue_diamond: A character maintained to a high standard
:small_blue_diamond: Close to 100% attendance with absences informed in advance
:small_blue_diamond: High levels of preparation and the ability to learn mechanics quickly
:small_blue_diamond: Absolute knowledge of your class and the flexibility to bring it's full potential
:small_blue_diamond: Effective communication during raids
:small_blue_diamond: A competitive drive to improve not only yourself but the team as a whole.

Raiding schedule
:small_blue_diamond: Monday 20:00 - 23:00
:small_blue_diamond: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00

Discord: https://discord.gg/HvpHJEp
Site: https://chocolatemilk-guild.com/

Alterac Valley
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<Asylum> [Semi-HC] [PVP] [A] :flag_eu:

:spades: Who are we and who are we looking for?
- We are an international group of over 80 people, consisting of various backgrounds. We have both experienced and inexperienced members.
- We are looking to create a mature gaming community where everyone is valued and people support each other.
- We are open to hybrids and off-specs if people are willing to make them work.
- Our goal is to clear all the content
- As a group we try to keep an open mind and are willing to work with all people that share our values.

:spades: Guild Structure
- We have an experienced core of players with private servers and the original vanilla experience (PvE and PvP)
- Certain positions, schedules, activities will be decided by consensus. Checks and Balances are to be placed on all officers.
- Reasoning for all important decisions are to be made public internally and are open for debate.

:spades: Raid information
- 2 Raid rosters
- Monday and Tuesday: 19:00 - 23:00 (+-30min, CET/CEST)
- Loot system: Undecided (LC leaning)
- While full optimization regarding buffs, potion etc. is not required (in early game), people who put in the effort and support others will be rewarded accordingly.

:spades: About you
- No matter if you are an individual or represent a group, we are always glad to hear from you.
- We accept casuals and inexperienced players (and socials), so all you really need is kindness and a good mood. We do not condone toxic behavior.
- You can be a hybrid without being treated as a second class citizen. (We accept a very limited amount)
- If you decide to raid with us as a core raider, we expect you to improve over time and have a good attendance rate.

:inbox_tray: For any questions or feedback, feel free to message me on discord (tom#8446)

Hillsbrad Foothills
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US Sulfuras
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We are looking for dedicated team members to clear content with. We aim to create a friendly and relaxed community void of drama and stress. At the same time, we are looking for responsible players who are determined to progress through the game as well as capable of showing up on time reliably. We are currently recruiting all classes and roles.

-Be over 18
-Be able to hit level 60 within 4 weeks of launch.
-Don't be an A-hole. Don't cause drama.

Raid Times:
-We will be using a Loot Council system to determine where loot goes.
-We will be raiding Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Specific times are TBD. We will probably raid at night (EST).

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Tirisfal Glades
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OC Arugal
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@solidlobster hasn't been online for 3 weeks :( Can @teebling merge guilds mentioned here in the OP?
Or perhaps is there a non-forum-post function for a guild database planned? Like Forums / Guides / Guilds / Tech / Info *winkwink*

<Goblin Rocket Fuel Rats> | Arugal Horde
Powered by https://classic.wowhead.com/item=9061/g ... ocket-fuel, our Fuel Rats go above and beyond to help out others.
Will you answer the call?
Guild Info ~ Stories ~ Discord
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Does anyone know of solid EU raiding guilds planned for Classic with late evening/night raid schedules?
Ideal raiding time for me would start 10/11 pm or later.

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Gallow wrote:
5 years ago
@solidlobster hasn't been online for 3 weeks :( Can @teebling merge guilds mentioned here in the OP?
Or perhaps is there a non-forum-post function for a guild database planned? Like Forums / Guides / Guilds / Tech / Info *winkwink*
I think that after release, realms section will be place where guild will advertise - for now, guilds and players looking for guilds will have to suffice with this. We might edit the first post.

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I'm going to a MT prot warrior.

Alliance or Horde, doesn't matter. (Always been Horde though since end of Vanilla-Bfa) PvP, NA

Available at 9PM EST during the week and weekends at 6PM EST - 2 times a week, maybe 3 (But I'm a busy adult)

Looking for a guild :)

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<Casual> [Alliance] [NA-PVP] Sun/Mon 1800-2200 PST | Loot Council

About Us:
<Casual> is a community of adult gamers with a heavy back round in MMOs. Most of our members have cleared content in WoW in the top 100. Our main goal for Classic is to progress through raid content with a light schedule and a no-nonsense mindset. High level PvE will be our focus, however we will still be competing in PvP. Group dungeons and BGs will be a regular occurrence, and members will be encouraged to participate in these events. It is important to note that 40-man raid rosters are hard to fill, if you take longer to level than other people that is ok, if you show up to the raid approaching BiS dungeon gear, you will get a shot.

What We Provide:
- Dungeon and leveling groups.
- Serious and efficient raid environment with low downtime.
- A social and fun environment which shares a strong and friendly community.
- We share knowledge about classes, PvP and other Classic WoW information.
- Most Importantly; dignity and respect granted to all members.

What are we looking for:
- A person who understands that their performance, attendance, and attitude directly reflect in their gains.
- Someone that is accountable for mistakes they make and who will correct them quickly
- Players who are aware of what the grind to 60 is like, and who chose to do it anyway.
- Players who want to help grow our guild and community.

Raiding Information:
- Raid Nights will be Sundays and Mondays from 6PM-10PM PST.
- Loot will be handled via Loot Council
- Legendary Priority will be decided when we start our progression, not before.
- We will expect raiders to show up for Molten Core approaching BIS for dungeon gear, appropriate enchants, and potions/flasks.

Warrior-Prot Closed. Fury HIGH

Contact: Cool#8812 for DM purposes.
Casual discord: https://discord.gg/KEQW2Hd

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The Slayers Take (Name Subject to Change) [Horde] | NA-PVP/PVE (Undecided) | Raid Times: TBD | Timezone: EST | Casual/Semi-Hardcore

Hello All!! So I have gotten bored recently and wanted to start getting things ready to go for when the launch of WoW Classic happens in August! My goal is to create a guild that functions as a pretty tight knit group of gamers. Regardless of whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer our goal is to work together to help each other level, then prepare for Raids & PvP. I have been working on creating a discord channel where we can discuss the finer details of things as we move closer to launch. Our goal is to make this a community where we all feel welcome and engaged when we log on to play and for us all to have people to have each-others backs once launch happens. If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I look forward to getting this thing started. And as always: FOR THE HORDE!!
If you are interested please contact me via pm on Discord: HanMan37#5288

Expectations: You will be joining a guild that is just forming. There will be plenty of chances to quickly move up the ranks. With that in mind my main goal is to build a community that helps one another toward our goals. Respect and Fellowship are my top priorities for this guild. Creating a place where we can all go to have fun and help each-other succeed. I am not asking you to be a hardcore gamer, because I know I will not be. What I am asking is that you put the time and effort that you can into the guild, and I will put the time and effort into making this guild a fun community to be apart of.

Raid Schedule: I am currently building the guild and do not have the numbers in the guild we will have a group discussion on the most appropriate raid times once we all reach end-game content.

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Filthy Casual Recruitment

Semi-Hardcore <EU> <PVP> Horde Guild. - Filthy Casual Is recruiting!

We are a Semi-hardcore raiding guild (2 raids per week, 1 mandatory signup per week)

Wednesday; 19:00 till 23:00 CEST is our first raid day.
“This day is currently on poll in the guild” 19:00 till 23:00 CEST is our second raid day.

Optional PVP premades & world raids/events on other days.

Timestamps above, are written in CEST Timezone

As a guild we aim to have fun and be efficient.

The guild has an age requirement of 21+.

We have a considerable amount of previously top end raiders, whom have chosen a more casual approach this time around.

We have set up a neat discord, that will act as our community hub, as well as our recruitment station.

We are hoping to find people with a similar mindset to join our guild.
We are growing every day, and right now you can join us to become part of the foundation of what will be a great guild.

Come have a look around our discord, much more info in the “Guild Info” tab
Such as our loot distribution, Filthy member perks and much more.

Or add either of us for more info.

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<HUBRIS> [Horde] [EU] [PvP] [Hardcore]
Hubris is planned to not only be the #1 guild at our future WoW Classic realm, but also ground breaking in terms of shaping the Classic WoW history. Hubris is founded by a mature core of players, with extensive experience within all facets of WoW; including PvE, PvP, theory-crafting, and community building - in both retail and the private server scene. We won't settle for just server domination. Our goal is to push all aspects of Classic WoW beyond the limit, and we seek like-minded players to partake in this monumental experience.

Are you that player?

High attendance to guild events
High in-game activity
Aspire to be the best
High quality gameplay
High community contribution

Experienced, structured Raid Leading
High emphasis on improving tactics throughout the game
Highly structured events, with an enormous amount of preparation from officers
Fair but strict leadership with no room for slack or anti-social/toxic behaviour
Fair loot distribution based on performance, activity and role-priority
Active use of Guild Bank assets to improve the guild constructively
“Speed-run” farming of raids such as MC (<30min), BWL (<60min), AQ40 (<90min) etc

All times are GMT +1 = Server Time (ST)

Open events (open for all guild members, totally voluntary)
- Monday 19:00 - 23:00 (ST): Weekly Soci/alt raid - Progress follows content: MC, ONY, BWL, ZG, AQ20/40, NAXX
- Friday 21:00-23:00 (ST): Drunk-ZG (in Phase 4 onwards)
- Sunday 18:00 - 20:00 (ST): Weekly WorldPvP/Social events (when not raiding)
- World Boss raids (whenever it's up)

Hardcore Raiding (open for Raiding Squad)
- Wednesday 19:00 - 23:00 (ST): Main raiding day
- Thursday 19:00 - 23:00 (ST): Second raiding day (only when needed)
- Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 (ST): Third raiding day (only in very special occations)

Ranking (open for PvP Squad)
- Daily premades, hosted by Hubris - guild prio, but will be filled with other rankers when not full

Go to our Guild Forums and make an application with a guest account,
then apply for membership with your shivtr account.

Schedule for launch
Guild Portal
Twitch channel

Low: Prot Warr, Warlock, Holy Priest, Resto Druid, Hunter
Med: Fury Warr
High: Rogue, Mage, Resto Sham

*Recruitment status is for our Hardcore Raiding Squad (a total of 53 spots) - We're also looking for PvP rankers and regular (social) members!

   Sulfurekt Selexin Heia
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This history of warcraft is the history of class struggle... The modern bourgeois society has sprouted from the ruins of BFA and has failed to rid the Alliance of class antagonisms. Instead, new classes, new conditions of oppression, and new struggles have been established in place of the old. The <Communist Party> of the Horde is recruiting ambitious and dedicated proletarians to liberate the Alliance from the oppression of capitalist rule. The primary aims of the party is going to be world pvp, but we will also aiming to be sizable enough for regular pre mades. We also will concede we will have little choice but to engage in pve content post-BWL for gearing purposes. Multiple politburo members will be needed for organizing various party led events such as (of course) town/city invasions, organized duel competitions, raids against the devilsaur mafia capitalist pig dogs, helping both party members and other horde proletarians collect their pelts and encourage fucking with the market, etc. One important point to note is if blizzard makes the fatal mistake of eventually adding in dishonorable kills we will give absolutely no regard for bourgeois honor and take no qualms against killing civilians, quest npc's, flight masters, and other counter-revolutionary forces. Furthermore, practices such as killing low level players, graveyard camping, and invasions of starting towns will be strongly encouraged and potentially rewarded if enough chaos is created. The essential conditions for the very existence of the bourgeoisie is the formation and augmentation of the Alliance. The condition for the Alliance is gearing, which rests exclusively on competition with the horde. Modern industry cuts the very foundation from which the Alliance produces and appropriates products, and what they produce above all else is there own grave diggers. The ultimate victory of the great proletarian revolution is inevitable.

The necessary measures to carry out revolution may vary by patch, but the following will be generally applicable:

1. Abolition of private property in Alliance territory and the application of all rents of land to the purposes of the Horde. Regular Horde raids on starting zones and major quest hubs; ensure the complete impossibility for low levels to turn in a quest or go out to grind mobs without getting camped.

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax on the Alliance, by means of graveyard camping and Alliance found in the world to inflict very high repair costs. Alliance found outside dungeon and raid portals will prime targets.

3. Abolition of all rights to valuable profession mats. Alliance farming for mats and/or leveling up professions will be eliminated, weather or not any members have the need for the materials the Alliance are trying to obtain. Number one priority is the complete eradication of the devilsaur mafia.

4. Confiscation of the gear from all world bosses. The number one priority will be ensuring the Alliance never gets to see any drops from a world boss, even if it means another horde guild gets the gear. However we will also attempt to obtain the kill if any members are in need for the drops.

5. Centralization of the means of credit in the hands of the horde, by the means of the camping of all Alliance bankers and auctioneers in every capital city. Long term goal will be to coordinate with other working class guilds to achieve revolution in every Alliance simultaneously and ensure those cities are all simultaneously camped for as long as possible.

6. Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the Horde. Flight masters at all crucial travel points as well as boats between continents must be camped at the same time, ideally simultaneously with the revolution on all Alliance cities.

7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the Horde. Important merchants, class trainers, profession trainers, etc. will be camped, and any Alliance found near them eliminated.

8. Equal liability of all to work. Regular purges will be carried out against inactive members who did not give prior notification to the politburo.

9. Gradual abolition of the distinction between Alliance and Horde territory. As many towns will be invaded simultaneously as possible, large parties of Alliance known to group up at x-time and y-place will be constantly targeted. The long term ultimate goal of the revolution will be, as stated above, simultaneous invasion and holding of all Alliance capitals, simultaneous capturing and holding of all flight and boat paths, as well as the invasion of as many quest hubs and minor towns as possible achieve through server wide coordinate of all working class horde guilds.

10. Equal re-education for all dissident party members. Abolition of education on capitalism in its present form. Combination of education with revolutionary action against the Alliance, etc.

The Horde disdain to conceal their views and aims. We openly declare revolution can only be obtained by the complete eradication of all existing social conditions. Let the Alliance tremble at the great proletarian revolution! The Alliance have nothing to lose but their chains, we have a world to save them. WORKING HORDE OF ALL RACES, UNITE!

If interested, my discord link is https://discord.gg/mCY6hCN

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<WoWislam> [WoW Classic Guild] [EU][H] [RP-PVP-PVE] [Hardcore & Casual]

1-Islamic Sharia rules over the guild.
2-We are all Muslims. We are all Brothers. No discrimination.
3-No Shia & Sunni & Salafi & Sufi takfiri. No Madhab wars.
5-We are warm to each others, cold to non-muslims.
6-No other religions allowed.
7-No swearing.
8-No adultery posts.
9-Main purpose is "to create a Safe Heaven for Muslim WoW Classic players against Western Degeneracy"


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<Team Strugle> is now Hiring!
We struggle so hard, we can't even spell it!

Obviously, we are a community who wants to conquer the upcoming content on the fresh starting Classic. We don't know much about the future servers or how many there are going to be, PvP, PvE, RP, but what we know is:
The guild will be called <Team Strugle>, will be on the Horde side of a EU PvP realm and will focus on PvE.
It will be a very stable guild, with experienced leaders and the main focus of when it is first up and running is focusing on community within the guild. We'll be hosting many guild events along with guild dungeons throughout leveling.
We are looking to build a supporting and polite community we all can benefit from to create an accurate and fulfilling experience as what Vanilla used to be. Our main focus will lie in raiding the endgame content which doesn't imply we are only looking for well versed players who already know everything there is to Vanilla raiding. Our priority will also lie in bringing new and inexperienced players to be able to get into a healthy and assisting raiding environment and relive what WoW used to be.


  • Raid Times & Days - Will be decided via poll on our forum.
  • Semi-Hardcore PvE Guild.
  • Healthy community with a mix of both veterans and new players.
  • Everyone has a task once a week for about two hours where we farm materials for a smoother raiding experience.
  • Players contributing the most to the guild will get rewarded for doing so (Not raid loot).
  • Guild & Loot rules is located in the application form.
  • Even though Team Strugle is a PvE guild we like to have our fair bit of fun in PvP aswell
  • When raid recruitment is done and we have nothing to worry about we will schedule events for those interested, meaning premade BGs & WPvP!
Guild Rules
  • We don't tolerate toxic attitude
  • Help new players in the guild, don't feel obligated but try to help!
  • Ninja-looting will result in a permanent ban from Team Strugle.
  • We expect you to act mature and make a good first impression of Team Strugle
  • During raids, the raid leader has the final say, if you disagree then talk to him after the raid.
  • We don't tolerate drama in guild chat, take it to whispers.
How to join the guild?
  • Social Invite - PM me and I will send all information regarding the guild before launch and how you can join it.

- Azi

Rogue Combat
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So many interesting guilds. I will definitely look for one at some point! Restoration Shaman, EU, PvP.

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US Thunderfury
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<Blood and Thunder>

Timezone: NA-EST

Faction: Horde

Realm: PVP; we will be avoiding the popular streamer servers if at all possible.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 6:30PM to 10PM EST, Monday 6:30PM to 10PM as an optional night as needed

About Us
A new Wow Classic Semi-Hardcore Guild run by veterans from vanilla, TBC, Wrath, and Cata. We will take raiding and PVP seriously in the sense that time will not be wasted for scheduled events, but stays light and fun! (No Drill Sergeants here!) We are looking to expand our already great community!

Overall Goal
To create an amazing community, where everyone feels welcome. We want to push Raiding to be one of the best on the server, and be renown on our server for PVP.

Member Requirements
18+ Mature Guild. Prior World of Warcraft Knowledge is required (1 year of and World of Warcraft Expansion). If you have never played Classic, or on a Private Server, we have plenty of Classic veterans willing to help you get associated with how Classic runs and feels.

Currently, we are building an active discord community. f this feels like something you are interested in, then we would love to welcome you to our Guild!

Contact @Nobleshield#9825, @ScaryLarry38#0963 on Discord or join up (link below)!

Lok-Tar Ogar!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Xw999cX

Protecting the weak, punishing the wicked
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5 years ago (Beta)
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<Internet Athletes>
Internet Athletes is a core of players that have been playing WOW since classic up to BFA. Experience of our core players includes clearing up to C’thun in vanilla, all of TBC, all WOTLK, all of MOP, all of Legion, and currently all but mythic Jaina. As for PVP we had a Rank 13 and multiple gladiators across expansions. We are seeking members who are competitive in both PVE and PVP who talk a lot of shit and are just overall looking to enjoy Classic WOW. The focus of this guild will consist of competitive battlegrounds (once released), world pvp, trolling, and competitive raid progression. We are currently filling all class slots for raids and PVP teams making it a prime time to join.

Recruitment Forum:
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... sp=sf_link

Guild Information:
- Guild Name: Internet Athletes
- Faction: Horde
- Realm: PVP
- Raid Times: TBD
- Raid Schedule: TBD
- Recruitment Openings: All classes/specs are welcome to apply
-Loot Distribution: Loot will be determined by loot council
-Discord: https://discord.gg/YEKZAT

Discord Contact Information:

What we expect of you:
- Access to Discord
-Thick skin (be able to give and take shit on a regular basis)
-Be chill
-Be competent
-Be timely
-Be prepared for raids
- If it is red its dead

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- ETS will be a newly formed Semi hardcore/progression Alliance guild come Classic Launch (PvP server to be announced) I personally have been playing since Vanilla. Clearing all content from MC-Nax 40. 4 horseman was where I hit my first wall with both raiding guilds in classic. I was in a top US 50 guild from BC-Cata. 12xGlad across 3x multi classes. OG rank 14. I will be building a strong raiding foundation going into classic. At this time my main focus is get people who are serious on hitting max level relatively quick. Ones that are interested in taking part in officer roles even assisting or main raid leading. I am not recruiting a full roster at this time as lets face it. Most people will not level at the speed I would be happy with or just plan on being casual which is not my focus at this time. Raiding schedule will be 4x a week. Raiding time will be 8:30-11:30 Eastern time Tues-Friday

Current Recruitment

- Open - Paladin (holy) (1xret)

- Open - Druid (1xFeral)

- Open - Priest (holy/disc) (1xShadow)

- Open - Rogue

- Open - Warrior (tanks and dps)

- Open - Warlock

- Open - Mage

- Open - Hunter

I would like to stress that we are *Always looking for exceptional applicants regardless of class.*

Please don't hesitate to apply if you feel you meet this criteria.

What we expect:

- Come fully prepared(Consumables/Spec) for every raid

- Have endgame raiding experience or strong desire to learn

- Can take constructive criticism

- Good sense of humor

- Knowledge of Class, inside and out

- Must have Discord, DBM or Bigwigs, omen

- Stable Internet Connection (this is a must have)

- Up-to-date Computer (No Tandy 2000's please) This is classic, doesn't mean your pc has to be.

- Active, mature, competent members who want to progress (we are looking for dedication)

- Gear &amp; Ability to perform in all content

- Desire to be apart of a stable raiding team (Need, drive, self-motivation, and eagerness to be raiding)

- Desire to learn new content (we live for progression, fight to be top on our server and desire to be better than we currently are)

- Don't give up, willing to give 125% every raid.

- Must be able to meet at least 90% of our raids.

How do we do loot:

- We will be using a loot council system. There will be a total of 5 members handling loot council. If someone is not there the GM will step in and take care of the missing link.(Loot#*!@#s need not apply) There is no favoritism going on. This is not a gear your friends kind of loot system. Players that preform, show up and have a impact on the raid group will get the gear it's that simple. Doesn't matter if you're an officer or someone who doesn't talk much. Everyone is on equal ground. That simple.

What we offer:

- Helpful/Friendly guild members

- Experienced guild leaders/officers

- Relaxed Raiding Environment (tend to laugh and make my cheeks sore)

- Loot council(Trial Members will still be able to win gear based on our progression of earlier raids)

- Officers can evaluate individual performance

- Competent Leadership

- Consumables, All consumables will be able to be crafted by guild members.

- Stable guild focused on progression

- Respect

- Humor

How to apply:

- If you are interested in applying and feel you have what it takes, please add me on Bnet Excentric#1290 and or discord Excentric#0131

Best Regards,

Excentric- GM

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<Nostalgia> | NA-PvP | Faction: Alliance

Nostalgia is a raiding guild with a casual schedule, but a hardcore raiding atmosphere. We are built from a core of former top NA raiders that no longer have the time to commit to a rigours schedule, but still want to experience all that WoW Classic has to offer. Many of our members have been playing since the beginning, and we can't wait to relive the best era of WoW. As adults, we no longer have the spare time we once had, so this guild is being built for the average gaming adult that cannot commit to a hardcore schedule. However, we are still extremely skilled gamers that want to clear content at a reasonable rate and be as efficient with our time as possible.

Looking For:

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    High Need:
     -  Rogue
     -  Hunter
     -  Paladin

    Medium Need:
     -  Warrior
     -  Mage
     -  Priest
     -  Druid

    Low Need:
     -  Warlock
We are actively recruiting all players, of any class, that are willing to put in the necessary time to perform at the level our guild expects. We care less about how long it is going to take for you to level to 60 or how much experience you have in the classic raids, and more about your dedication to being the best that you can be.

Raid Schedule:

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Friday - 6:00pm to 9:00pm PST
Sunday - 5:00pm to 7:00pm PST
Friday will be our main raid night, and Sunday will be a spare night intended for extra progression during new content stages.

If you are interested in joining, or learning more about the guild, use the following two links to view our website or join our discord. Please feel free to speak with myself through PM's if you have any questions. When you are ready to commit to the guild, please submit an application on our website.


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5 years ago (Beta)
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Hi All,

My name is Xariz and I am an officer of <Working Adults> looking to recruit new members into our ranks! Below is an overview of what we have to offer and what we are looking for in our members.

We are a community of (soon-to-be) WoW Classic players that have real life obligations but would like to play end-game content in a more relaxed but structured fashion. Here is a brief overview of the requirements and expectations of members.

First and foremost, have fun and be respectful.

We prefer if you spec your class (after reaching 60) to help progress in raids, but it's not a requirement. We may request it during very challenging first time encounters (Like Nefarian or certain AQ bosses)... but let's be real, that's a while from now so we'll cross that bridge when it comes. Play the game the way you enjoy it, but be mindful of the raid... because we don't need 8 Boomkin every week, someone has to heal... I'm looking at you too enhancement shaman.

Help out the guild, and the guild will help you out. The further we progress, the better the gear we ALL get.

We anticipate that we will all be leveling at different speeds based on experience, class, and let's face it, TIME. Take the time you need and don't feel forced to reach 60 to help raid. A handful of members will probably rush quickly and reach 60 in a month, others may take several more months.

Even though we all are pressured for time and the grind to 60 drives you to just keep pushing, I encourage each member to help a lower level player with a quest or instance once per week. This isn't a requirement at all, just a nice practice I think would make the guild stronger, more connected, and progress more quickly.

PvP is not required as part of the guild, but we are open to planning and/or scheduling cooperative group PvP or pre-made BGs when they are released. There are great gear and rep rewards from PvP and we understand that this is a big motivator for some members. PvP is encouraged and supported, but not participating will not affect your guild/raid status.

Raids will be held twice per week and capped at 4 hours per raid. We're still up for debate on raid days and times, but are planning for either Mon-Wed or Tue-Thurs from 6pm-10pm PST.

There is also a possibility of an occasional weekend raid to help progress on new content. These raids will be scheduled ahead of time and will not be mandatory (Example: Clearing the first few bosses of MC on a weekend to allow the guild more time during the week to do BWL).

Loot will be decided based on two factors: DKP; and in some rare cases, loot council.

Loot Council will ONLY take place on guild first item drops. This is to make sure that priority gear goes to the main tanks, main healers, and top dps to hasten progression. Note: The council is also likely to award some guild first drops to committed but under-geared players to help improve overall guild progression.

If loot is awarded by loot council, somewhere between -20 to -250 DKP will be deducted from the player who receives the piece, depending on quality and rarity of the item. This can cause the player to enter negative DKP).

In all other cases (99% of the time), loot will be bid on using earned DKP.

Minimum bid must be twice the DKP awarded from the boss (see chart below). Example: Bid for drops off Ragnaros start at 10 DKP, since 5 DKP will be earned from the fight. There is no bid maximum. Unwanted items can be disenchanted or awarded to new players for the minimum DKP value (note: this can cause some new players to enter negative DKP).

Please join us at https://www.reddit.com/r/workingadultsguild/ as well as on discord: https://discord.gg/trGCwh

Thank you and we'll see you in Azeroth!

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[EU-PvE] <Truefaith> [Alliance] Filthy Casuals Warning!

About Us: - We are reincarnation of vanilla WoW casual guild. Friendly and laid back, yet raiding capable group of nerds. Guild got to like half-way AQ40, which if you ask me is quite impressive for casuals, and that’s on Quel Thalas which was a realm added later, not at launch
We don’t focus on PvP tho we will not actively discourage PvP either (but seriously stop wasting time and come to MC ok?)

PEGI 18 – chat gets a litte weird sometimes, like last night when we were discussing if murlocks keep their copper coins in prison wallets, since they wear no clothes

What We Provide:
- Hunter loot and Chuck Norris jokes
- Knowhow … we were there, we did it, we had amazing time so we wanna do it again
- Dire Maul sightseeing tours with a guide (Im so salty with will not be there at launch)
- Friendly environment of adult people, we will all jump into the dungeon to help you with your one dumb quest and we don’t care if griding levels is more time efficient
- Pooling resources, we work together to get our crafters up to speed. Especially if you get some of them juicy patterns from the goblin in Dire Maul (Yes I love the place!), get people Onyxia cloaks and resistance gear…

What Are We looking For:
- Being casual guild makes this easy, we welcome everyone with good attitude, bad language is perfectly fine as long as it’s a joke. Insulting guildies is a no-no, but we like a good drama, just keep it civil
- Open mind, WoW classic is very different from retail and if you were not there, you will just have to trust us. If anyone says something about class/spec not being viable we will mock him. If you didn’t expect group healed by druid and tanked by fury warrior with hunter jumper cables being only rez, to run DM north tribute runs, you are in for a surprise friend. Raiding is bit different story, but that’s a group effort. You will also see paladins in cloth healing in MC, its actually really funny


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<Broken Legends> | Alliance | NA - PVP | Semi-Hardcore PVE and PVP Guild

About Us:
Broken Legends is a newly formed Guild founded by long time WoW and MMO Veterans. We are excited to start our journey in World of Warcraft Classic. We are a Semi-Hardcore guild that's main focus will be having fun - as corny as that sounds - we plan on Raiding two times a week with times TBD. We will be doing all content and plan on keeping up with the Phases, as well as being a force in PvP. But never at the cost of peoples enjoyment of the game. We are looking for mature players who either were around in the old days, or younger players that are excited to experience what all the old timers won't shut up about. The bulk of our growth will come after the game goes live, where we will recruit players that we encounter in the world, but before then we would like to get a group of players who are excited for launch - especially in leadership positions. We are looking for all skill levels, and a big range of time commitments. Have wife, kids, jobs? You are welcome. No-Lifer who wants to lead and teach, we want you as well. All we ask is that you are willing to get to know new people and make the Guild a place people want to spend their time.

Raid Times:
9pm-12am EST, Twice a Week. With more times plus weekends being added as needed.

Member Expectations:
1. Commitment to not just content but to each other. The best part of old WoW were the friendships and stories made in game, not just getting loot and crushing the Horde. Those will happen as well.
2. Showing up to Raids and PvP groups. We are currently planning to Raid two times a week at around 8-9pm till 11-Midnight EST.
3. Loot will be Loot Council with rotating non-officers pulled in.

If this sounds like a good fit for you then please send me a message of stop by the Discord.