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My name is Teebling. I run a fan site about WoW Classic over at https://barrens.chat

I started the site nearly a year ago when Classic was announced and we’ve since grown into a small community.

The site is mainly a discussion forum but we also write feature pieces (player guides, opinion etc) and offer downloads like wallpapers, icon packs and other Classic-related media.

I’m writing to ask whether you still run an official fan site program or still communicate with smaller sites like this. It would be great if you could post a link to my site on the official forums or dev watercooler posts to raise awareness. Is this still a thing?

Lastly, is there any fresh news regarding Classic? Any sneak peeks of development, design decisions or new media which I could publish? People are very excited about the game but we haven’t had any news since Blizzcon.

Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.

barrens.chat webmaster
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Hello Teebling!

The official fan site program got discontinued a few years ago now, as it no longer really made sense in a world with the rise of social media, video content creators etc.

At present there's no news concerning Classic other than it will be launching in the summer of this year.

We can potentially keep your site in mind for any opportunities involving Classic, out of curiosity – which country do you live in so I can possibly forward you to most appropriate point of contact?

Kind regards,

Ashleigh “Aerythlea” Lillechurch

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Ohw dear God Teebs is now officialy a demi-god. He's been acknowledged by the true gaming-gods of Blizzard!!

Well done :lol:

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now where did I put that time machine...time to fast-forward

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> At present there's no news concerning Classic other than it will be launching in the summer of this year.

We can make a headliner on /r/classicwow with that. I think about a week ago people were crying because they didn't explicitly say they were launching Classic WoW in summer, and then some German CM re-confirmed it - but we have so little news on it I'm sure this re-re-confirmation would make it to the top page lol.

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This is great news, dude. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! :mrgreen:

Awaiting Classic WoW

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Cool! Lets hope they give you some inside stuff for us to get hyped about! :D

You can find me @ www.twitch.tv/fr0sk1
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Interesting point with regard to coming back to old-school software gaming - it somehow encourages old-school social interaction, such as phpBB. Feels more natural. Must be some sort of psychological trick our brain plays on us.

It's like somebody posted here about one of his friends, who actually got a CRT monitor only to play Classic WoW. Fascinating :mrgreen:

- anno 2005.
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On the topic of fan sites, does anyone remember the Goblin Workshop? Sadly not around anymore it seems.

Edit: Here's a snapshot from 2005, all of the nostalgias!