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Hey everyone!

As things quieten down again in the momentary lull of no Classic news, I have been playing through the WC3 Reign of Chaos campaign.

I know this is a Classic forum but I thought some of you would be interested in a thread about Reforged which is coming out towards the end of this year.

First of all - wow man what a fucking game! It’s even better than I remember it. I’ve been enjoying myself so much. Just did the Human and Undead campaigns up to the point where Archimonde destroys Dalaran. About to start Orc :razz:

This had me thinking a bit about Reforged and some concerns I have about it so far.

We have seen some gameplay screenshots on the official site already which look pretty good to be honest - very much faithful to the art direction of the original games. I’m quite happy with how it ‘looks’.

But - and this is the big but - the one thing I can really see them fucking up is the voice acting. The dialogue and voiceovers in War3 were superb - they really convey the story so well with these very simple tools. They definitely had some talent working for them back then. Think about Arthas for example - his envy, despair and ambition were so heartfelt and well delivered by the voice acting and writing.

When D3 came along the one thing I was most shocked by was the awful, corny, lifeless and to be honest amateur level of voice acting they had. Every line was cringeworthy. Your character would often blurt out some 14 year old shit like ‘see if you can stop this!!’ or ‘feel my power!’. It was such a huge disappointment and decimated what was supposed to be the dark atmosphere of the game.

I get the feeling that for Reforged they will skimp on budgeting for good voice actors as they won’t see it as ‘important’ for the development of the game when the truth is quite the opposite. They simply cannot expect to convey WC3’s epic arc of storytelling like they tried to do with D3’s voice acting. It has to be just as quality or in lieu of that use the original sound files.

Lastly, please for the love of god and all that is good in heaven do not make the game depend upon an internet connection to play the campaigns. D3 ‘introduced’ this stupid idea and made single player mode LAGGY where it needn’t have ever been like that in the first place. The outrage over that still haunts me today and goes hand in hand with the awful monetisation incentive of the ‘real life auction house’ (which was of course later scrapped after ignoring fans during development and for the first year of live). Single player customers shouldn’t have to suffer from depending upon an internet connection just for the sake of syncing really useless stuff like achievements, progress etc.

Anyway, what do you guys think about reforged? Any other concerns or excitement over the game?

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I really hope they do not enforce internet connection - W3 was the game I mainly played when I had connectivity issues :D

Other than that it's still an awesome game and has an high replayability, moreover with the ton of maps you can find online :-)

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I am very confident that the voice acting for models/characters can (and will) be "fixed" if they manage to screw it up.

Not a big fan of the new graphics on first sight. Warcraft 3 has a charm to it with it's old graphics. Looking forward to the new cinematics though! Also I'm looking forward to many of the old custom maps. Sunken City, Are you a Lucker, Pyramid Escape, even Angel Arena.