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Some extracts from page 4 which has the actual Blizzard employee quotes:

 Blizzard Entertainment
"Almost everyone who played WoW back then has great memories of that time, and we like to think back to Vanilla," says Omar Gonzalez.


"In Classic, what happened before you even entered the dungeon was part of the challenge: you had to find a group by chat, communicate, and get to the entrance of the instance as a team, and if you went through this process with your teammates and then successfully fought your way through a sprawling dungeon, it created a different kind of interconnecting social dynamic The next time you tried to go into an instance, you were most likely looking for the same players, all of which was part of what the original one was WoW experience made unmistakable - and we want to preserve that in WoW Classic. "


"As great as the original Word of Warcraft was, what really made it special was the players," says Omar Gonzalez. "In many ways, this project pays homage to where many players started, and WoW opened a new chapter in game culture at the time, and we want to create it not only as a faithful replica of those who played it, but also as a gateway to the past, which is available to a whole new generation. "
Article was a good read too but nothing new.

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It's nice to hear something from Blizzard every once in a while.

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Cram wrote:
5 years ago
It's nice to hear something from Blizzard every once in a while.
Especially since they've recently fired the only fucking CM who was actually talking to us.

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There was a time when I thought to myself, that back in the day looking for group-mates to run an instance, actually traveling to the entrance, chatting and getting to know each other on the way, getting into brawl with a few passers by of the opposing faction was in general such a good experience, that once in a while it would even bring more fun than instance itself. Not always, I say, but sometimes - definitely.

After struggling through all this it was a little bit more difficult to simply quit the group in the middle of the dungeon, as you have already somewhat bonded with the rest of your teammates. It's where the social psychology kicks in, the thing which is almost completely lost in retail.

- anno 2005.
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