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Hey everyone,

I’m trying to get in touch with Blizz about an interview or Q&A session. It probably won’t happen but I want to try anyway. They used to be quite open to fan sites like this and even had an official program back in the day but it was discontinued.

Anyway, were I somehow able to do this, what kind of questions would you like to ask Blizzard at this time regarding Classic? NB: direct and straightforward questions, IE not opinion/requests/feedback etc.

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A few possible questions would be (and some of these may have been answered already):

"What are you plans for classic after all of the content prior to the launch of TBC is released?"
"How are class balance changes going to be handled? Or will they just remain as they were in 1.12?"
"Will classic launch with the same number and names of the original servers that existed in 1.12?"

There are a lot more. I'll add as I think about them.

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I plan on organizing large-scale PvP raids on a PvP server out in the open-world. Can me (or my guild) get banned for camping players, flight masters, quest givers etc.?

Are there going to be population limits for servers?

Are DHKs going to be in the game?

Can players create both Alliance and Horde characters on the same PvP server?

Are we going to be seeing the old macro system?

What's your stance on cross-faction collusion?

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Second on two points covered already: which macro system will be used (the newer one is much more user friendly) and just general details about how information about servers will be handled (when can we expect a list of servers’ physical locations).

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Will we have the old WoW official website back, and all his features?

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How did you let it end like this?

Okay serious question now. Will we have the original epic mounts at launch?

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