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  • Phase 3 Start Date: April 4, at 1:00 pm PDT.
  • Leveling Up: Players can level from 41 to 50, earning up to 10 additional talent points.
  • New Raid Dungeon: 20-player Sunken Temple (Temple of Atal’Hakkar) with 8 bosses.
  • New Runes: At least 6 new runes per class, with puzzles, quests, and secrets. Two new gear slots for runes in helms and bracers.
  • Nightmare Incursions: A new PvE event linking dream portals to the Sunken Temple raid, available in Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hinterlands, and Feralas. Rewards include items and reputation with the Emerald Wardens.
  • PvP Rewards: PvP ranks increase to 7, offering new class sets (54 items) and 18 accessories.
  • Blood Moon Rewards: New rewards up to level 50 with three new currencies.
  • Dungeon Updates: New loot in Blackrock Depths, Maraudon, and Zul’Farrak at maximum level.
  • Experience Buffs: Discoverer’s Delight buff for 100% increased experience up to level 39; an additional 50% experience buff from level 40-49. Experience buff toggle available at any innkeeper in capital cities.

 Blizzard Entertainment
Mark your calendar for April 4 when Season of Discovery Phase 3 goes live at 1:00 pm PDT worldwide. Adventurers can level from 41 to 50, earn up to 10 additional talent points, brave new encounters in the Sunken Temple (Temple of Atal’Hakkar) as a new 20-player raid dungeon, discover new runes and abilities, and more!

New Rune Discoveries

Discover at least 6 new runes for each class by engaging in fun new puzzles, quests, and secrets. Utilize two new gear slots available in helms and bracers to apply your new runes.

Nightmare Incursions

Take part in an all-new outdoor PvE event and learn more of the story tie between mysterious dream portals and the new Sunken Temple raid dungeon. Earn new items and gain reputation with the Emerald Wardens as you progress.

Players will cross into the Emerald Nightmare through these mysterious portals in four locations around the world: Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hinterlands, and Feralas. Content is available to players who are leveling up as well as maximum level characters as they unravel the storyline.

Earn New PvP Rewards and More

PvP ranks increase from 5 to 7 and with all new rewards including new PvP class sets with 54 items and 18 accessories available to earn.

New Blood Moon rewards are available up to level 50 with three new currencies to collect and spend.

Discover the Sunken Temple Raid and Master New Dungeons

Enter the first 20-player raid dungeon in Season of Discovery when you travel to the Temple of Atal’Hakkar (Sunken Temple), where you’ll face 8 deadly bosses, claim all new rewards, and make exciting new discoveries. This redesigned experience brings to life the story of the increasing tension between the trolls and dragons.

Players can also gain new class quest rewards and quest rewards within the raid dungeon.

Players will also be able to rediscover Blackrock Depths, Maraudon, and Zul’Farrak dungeons with all new loot at maximum level!

Get Caught Up in the Season of Discovery!

Players now get the benefit of the Discoverer’s Delight experience buff*, which increases experience gains by 100% for all players through level 39! With the release of Season of Discovery Phase 3, players also gain an additional 50% experience buff from level 40-49. It’s a great time to join in the fun and prepare for Season of Discovery Phase 3, whether you’re just joining in for the first time, or creating and leveling a whole new character.

Players can also visit any innkeeper in the capital cities to turn the experience buff off or on.


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