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Hey everyone, quick rundown on the massive stat and system changes coming with Cataclysm Classic. We're looking at a major overhaul to simplify stats, boost understandability, and shake up gear selection. Expect increased stamina for squishier classes, a revamp of the spirit and intellect, the introduction of mastery, and a bunch of stat removals (bye-bye, weapon skill and defense). Also, gearing up is getting a facelift with reforging, making gear customization a thing.

  • Stamina Buffs: Non-plate classes get more Stamina for balanced health pools.
  • Spirit for Healers Only: Gone on non-healing gear. Other mana regen solutions incoming.
  • Intellect = Spell Power: Less mana, more spell power from Intellect.
  • Haste: More useful for melee, boosts resource recovery.
  • Block Rating Redesigned: Blocks reduce damage by 30%, better Block chances.
  • Parry Changes: Reduces damage by 50% for the parried attack and next one, no 100% avoidance.
  • Mastery Introduced: Buffs specific talents.
  • Armor Tweaks: Same mitigation, slight bonus armor decrease.
  • Resilience PvP Only: Affects damage from players, not crit chance/mana drains.
  • Core Stats (Str, Agi, Hit, etc.): Mostly unchanged, some tweaks expected.
  • Stats Removed: AP, Spell Power, Armor Pen, Shield Block Value, MP5, Defense, Spell Ranks, Weapon Skill gone.
  • Combat Ratings Harder to Max: Higher rating requirements at endgame.
  • Reforging: Adjust gear stats, convert one stat to 40% of another, with limits.
  • Gem Color Shifts: Some changes due to stat overhauls.
  • Pre-Cata Gear Adjustments: Aligns with new system, but most gear still usable.
  • Class Gear Shifts:
    • Tanks lose Defense, converted to Dodge/Parry/Block.
    • Melee DPS, Druid Tanks, Hunters get more Stamina. AP provided by Agi/Stamina.
    • DPS Casters see a significant Stamina increase, Spell Power provided by Intellect.
    • Healers also get more Stamina, Spell Power to Intellect, Spirit replaces MP5.
    • Balance Druids/Elemental Shamans share gear with Resto, Spirit becomes Hit through talents.
  • Misc:
    • Weird low-level item stats fixed.
    • Quest rewards, trade skills, loot updated for better class itemization.

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