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2 months ago (1.13.2)
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Got my third character to 40 last night. Don't think it's been talked about too much, but the spawn rate for most outdoor mobs has been cut roughly in half (or better) for the last few weeks. Questing to 40 on this guy has been great, even when in crowded areas.
Please consider make SoD have horizontal progression at some point. Classic WoW players love the leveling experience and seeing it being treated as a chore that should be skipped as quickly as possible to get to the end game is not the ideal situation 👍
 Blizzard Entertainment
I honestly agree with this. We'll talk about this more in a bit, but I think one lesson we'll walk away from SoD with is that adding all this crazy stuff for classes and encouraging everyone to play multiple characters isn't super compatible with the slow, methodical approach to leveling that original wow has. I don't know the perfect solve to this, but this is the exact kind of design problem we suspected would be created with the format of Season of Discovery.

Also, due to the nature of splitting up leveling into brackets it really throws into contrast how much it slows doing going from 25-40 compared to 1-25. It's okay as this is an experiment through and through, but it's something we'll think about if we ever try something like SoD again, for sure.

We also have a much more diverse cross section of people playing SoD than really any other version of classic so far, so there's a lot of different desires and expectations being brought into the game from folks with wildly different perspectives being carried over from other games.

It can be frustrating for us at times, but it's also an interesting thing to observe as a game dev. One thing I love about my job is that I'm always surprised and am always learning something in some way.

Going to be interesting to have a retrospective with our team on SoD someday, for sure!

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