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I wanted to share something that I have been working on a lot recently with all of you here, they're what I call Farming Guides. Many of you here may already be familiar with my guides for WoW and may remember how totally useless they were. I wrote them during WoTLK and then Blizzard changed the whole game during Cataclysm, effectively making the majority of my Classic Guides obsolete.

Well, with the recent release of WoW Classic I decided to go back and rewrite/revamp every single WoW Guide I have ever written - starting with the Farming Guides. I have not only updated the majority of guides I have, but I have been adding new ones to the list. Instead of just covering the best locations to farm gold I have been adding in farming guides for specific items, such as vanity pets and high level Enchanting or Alchemy Recipes, such as Greater Protection Potions and Enchant Crusader/100 Mana to Chest etc etc. Basically, I plan to write a guide for literally everything that you have to go out of your way to farm in Classic WoW.

Each guide will contain information about that location such as what herbs/mines you will find there and what other items that drop there are worth holding onto and selling on the Auction House. Here is a link to the index of farming guides I have made:

To show you two examples of my guides, here is one that covers farming the Winterfall Furbolgs, a location almost all of us are familiar with and another that covers how to farm chests in Burning Steppes.

Winterfall Furbolg Farming Guide: ... gFurbolgs/

Burning Steppes Chest Farming: ... stFarming/

Note: As for right now, the Farming Guides are the only ones that are updated in my WoW section. Please keep that in mind before you use the other guides on my website.

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